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Autor Wątek: Only the realization of energy saving and consumption reduction is the right way  (Przeczytany 147 razy)


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"Energy saving, consumption reduction" has become a global focus and hot topic, for this reason, all walks of life are constantly toward in the direction of environmental protection, as a highly corrupt flour enterprises, one way to avoid being eliminated by times change, it is necessary to pursuing new and change, therefore, in the expanded use of Raymond mill also want to the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, in order to save energy and reduce pollution as the goal, only this is raymond mill pulverizing equipment such as the right way.
As a leading enterprise in the industry of pulverizing machines, Shanghai SBM has set an example by stepping up research and development in terms of energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment of ramon pulverizing machines, and constantly improving the performance characteristics of the equipment to make it more efficient, environmental protection and low consumption. Shanghai SBM Raymond mill is how to achieve energy saving and low consumption, the detailed approach is as follows:
1, choose the appropriate power of the motor
The power consumption in the process of ramon mill is mainly caused by the motor, so choosing the right power is more conducive to the realization of energy saving work of ramon mill.
2. Select suitable materials for grinding
Raymond mill work treatment is also a certain requirements of the mill, the (material requirements: mohs hardness is less than 9.3 on the Richter scale, humidity below 6% of inflammable and explosive ore material), so the user selects the Raymond mill processing material, must strictly observe the material moisture, viscosity, etc., so as to avoid the equipment in the process of grinding energy consumption too fast, save energy loss.
3. Use auxiliary dust collecting equipment
Good airframe seal design, coupled with the addition of additional auxiliary dust collection equipment, effective dust removal can reach 99.9% above, and then can well assist the Raymond mill to achieve green production.
In a word, in this new situation, the new era, energy-saving green has been the only way to the future development of powder industry, Shanghai shandao heavy industry will invest more energy, financial resources, to bring quality, efficient, energy-saving powder equipment for the majority of users.