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Related knowledge of gravel crusher



During the operation of the gravel crusher, some failures will be encountered, and some situations require emergency shutdown. A timely shutdown can prevent the Gravel crushers from receiving greater damage and personal safety accidents. Therefore, knowing more about the crusher's knowledge can make the gravel crusher more stable and smooth in the production process. Shanghai SBM makes the following points which require the emergency shutdown of the crusher:
1. The temperature of the main bearing of the crusher or the jaw bearing suddenly rises above 80 degrees, or someone will say how do we judge whether the bearing temperature has exceeded 80 degrees? The easiest way is to touch the bearing seat with the back of our hand If it cannot last more than one second, the temperature is too high. Reminder: (If it is because the bearing is shut down at high temperature, do not stop it immediately. Stop the ore feeding first, increase the amount of oil, force air cooling or water cooling, and wait until the bearing temperature drops.)
2. When the Gravel crushers works, the high-speed rotating transmission parts become loose and broken. Stop the machine in time to prevent the damaged transmission parts from flying out and hurting people.
3. If the motor of the jaw crusher is found to be smoking, stop it in time.
In the process of using the crusher, workers need to constantly check the use of the crusher, so that faults can be found in a timely manner, and faults can be resolved in a timely manner to avoid major damage to the crusher.


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