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Autor Wątek: , all of a sudden became th  (Przeczytany 894 razy)


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, all of a sudden became th
« dnia: Grudzień 12, 2019, 08:17:52 am »

It's winter, and the weather has added some coolness; the wind has come, and the pedestrians on the road have become less; it has snowed and dotted with rows of dead trees  Parliament Cigarettes... everything is telling: winter is cold of. However, in this cold winter day, there is a warmth, warming the world, warming people, warming us. It has a synonym, love. This year, the place that made me unforgettable and scary was the hospital. Disinfecting water, the smell of the potion mixed with the air, the heating is too stuffy to breathe. Pushing the door open, he saw a familiar figure lying on the bed beside him��it was grandpa. Standing by the bed, watching Grandpa lying weakly, with a thick needle inserted into the back of his big, rough hand. The hanging water also dropped drop by drop Marlboro Red. On the surface, it fell into the needle tube, and a small ripple rippled, but it actually fell into my heart, hitting the most vulnerable place in the soul, causing a faint ache, which made me shiver. Seeing us coming, Grandpa sat up and greeted us to eat this and that. The weak hands kept shaking ... when the water was over, we started playing cards. This feeling is very familiar, I want to teach us by grandpa. They all say that "the playing field is like a battlefield," and Grandpa's old strength is back. After Ma Li touched the cards, he started to play "Pair 4", "Pattern 8", "Pattern K" ... "The straights played fiercely. At this time, the climax came." I'm ready to win "I said, saying There was a sense of elation, just ready to shake the card. Grandpa arched his hand, raised his eyebrows, and raised the corners of his mouth. There was a bit of Chow Yun-fat, and he took out several cards, "Bomb", Wow! How can I be a veteran veteran?-Defeated Online Cigarettes. The next round is even more disastrous. "4 ~ k Junko" Don't. "Sisters" Don't "Yes A" Wow! It ��s a pair of boring people at home! It ��s so dying to die! Although we were defeated and glorious, we all played cards and laughed, slammed and sighed all afternoon. It ��s like a deadly one that ��s generally accepted. One afternoon, Grandpa ��s face became rosy. The laughter at the time of the card shake, the face that wrinkled the skin as soon as he laughed, like a walnut, all of a sudden became the world The most, it contains the grandfather's love for us and our love for grandfather, this kind of love chain It's infinite. The grandfather's smile, laughter, and Mona Lisa's smile were far from attainable; Whitman's poems also couldn't describe that scene; Strauss's round dance was not as pleasant The laughter that touches people always says "cold winter moon". I want to say that winter is not cold, because there is only a little warmth, and the warmth left in that ward can warm the whole winter.
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« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Kwiecień 23, 2020, 09:41:00 am »

Has anyone ever used one of these personal shopping/forwarding services in the USA so you can buy from retailers who wont ship overseas?.
They provide you with a US address which you use when you make the purchase, the retailer ships to them and they then ship the item onto you. 
Been doing some research and there are good and bad horror story (pun totally intended). The worst being that parcels never arrive and hidden shipping costs added on. 
There is a US retailer who is selling an exclusive variant/color of an vinyl album I'd really like to get as a Christmas Gift for someone but they do not ship outside of the US?