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Autor Wątek: I have seen a poem  (Przeczytany 96 razy)


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I have seen a poem
« dnia: Wrzesień 04, 2019, 04:24:03 am »

I have seen a poem of "The Slowness of the Past": "The former day has become slower/car, horse, mail is slow / only enough to love someone in a lifetime." And "fast" seems to have become the main theme of modern society. When the train car can't satisfy people's pursuit of speed, we have the plane and the high-speed rail; people's anxiety about the time required for love acquaintance and the urgency of marriage make the matchmaking and flash marriage come into being; they don't want to spend a lot of time to see or Write a long paragraph of text in a mood, so the 140-word microblogging nationwide. It is true that in today's society dominated by industries such as commerce and industry, ��fast�� means efficiency and speed, which means more with less, means opportunity and success means a thousand miles. In this fast-running era, when we go too fast and go too far, we may as well write in the old story, and slowly, "waiting for the soul" is more like the bustling city of Beijing, Shanghai. Towards, I prefer the tranquility, tranquility and laziness of the European towns in the Jiangnan water town. Everything is coming slowly, in an orderly manner, and people can slowly and gracefully inhabit the land full of achievements Newport Cigarettes. Of course, it is not only in the small town of Anning that there is a slow-paced life, which can nourish the faint and quiet heart. For example, Tao Yuanming said that ��the heart is self-biased��, as long as the heart slows down and feels around, what is not the peach blossom source? ? Wake up in the morning, instead of rushing to brush your teeth, you should first take a look at the morning sun and the hustle and bustle; on the way to school, you don��t rush to the school and rush to the school, but you can feel the wind belongs to the roadside green grass. Fresh and swaying scent of the swaying; at home on the weekend, instead of looking through a book, you can browse and then put it down, but carefully and carefully carefully and thoroughly, and read the flavor of each word. Take your time, slow down, calm down, and "poetically dwell" as Heidegger said. Feel the sun and the moon in the city, go to see the humming and the first snow, touch the lines of the sunlight through the gap, look at the sky to see the thousands of changes in the soft cloud of cotton candy, and enjoy the beauty of the gap in time. It��s not only a life attitude, but also a philosophy of life. Everything should come slowly, don't be eager for quick success, and try to get a glimpse of the drug to the sick, but to be calm, steady, and steadily, one step at a time, will eventually reach the destination. Modern industrialist Zhang Wei once said that his own work "does not dare to shake the earth, but seeks to pass through the heavens and the earth", dare not expect it to be immediate, to save the ancient country for thousands of years of indifference, but to "sow the nine secluded, the effect is 100 years old." Zhang Hao knows how to take it easy, and it is unrealistic to reverse the modern Chinese industrial economy by himself. However, it is achievable to maximize his own strength to promote the development of the industry and lay the foundation for the development of the national industry Carton Of Cigarettes, such as Yugong Yishan, a generation There are also children and grandchildren who are "infinitely ambiguous". In order to achieve a real revival, don't worry, we can come slowly. And the revitalization of a nation is like this, and the development of a person is even more so. Efforts do not necessarily have immediate results Marlboro Gold, but there will be gains in the accumulation of time, and even if efforts have an immediate effect, if the ocean is self-satisfied at this time, the rebound will be immediate, and it will return to liberation. Therefore, we must be practical, cultivated deep roots, and widely cultivated nutrients, in order to flourish, Huazhi Chunman. Don't worry, let us smelt into steel, which can make us truly complete life needs efficiency, need fast pace, but life needs to be calm, need to calm down calmly. We are slowly coming to meet the scenery of life, accumulating a little bit of harvest, slowly and elegantly growing up, and finally to embrace the fruitful fruit, to appreciate the heart of the moon
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Odp: I have seen a poem
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Odp: I have seen a poem
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