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Autor Wątek: The spring breeze  (Przeczytany 73 razy)


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The spring breeze
« dnia: Czerwiec 13, 2019, 09:06:03 am »

The spring breeze, the water and the sky, the waves of the lake, the Xiangshan lay: "Spring is green like blue", not enough to describe my mood at this time, I really want to dissolve the whole body, the whole body and mind, into this lake. Spring water. Driving a small boat to shuttle the water, swaying the lake next to it Newport Cigarettes Coupons, cool, is a feeling of chilly spring. I hate that I am not accustomed to water. I can��t feel the immortal feeling of ��Walking the Yangtze River�� as I did in the past, and I can��t write such a poem like a great man. I was born in the plains. I entered the deep water for the first time in my life After a small wind and waves hit, the hull slowly swayed. The interest was just gone, and my heart suddenly mentioned the eyes of the blind. The friend said: "Don't be afraid, there is me" Marlboro Cigarettes, and take out the digital camera to capture the scenery and rhyme at this time, quickly press the keyboard and go farther and farther away, and the Qingliuyiyi and the pavilion on the shore are reflected. In the water, the flybridge in the water, the porch, like a mirage, like Penglai fairyland. Today is Friday, office workers have no free travel; today the south wind is quite big, a bit cold, unintentional people are not interested in watching the water, a big lake, only two friends and me, I feel so open-minded, the mood is so beautiful . A couple is watching the water on the fly bridge. Have they seen us? This scene reminds me of Bian Zhilin: Mingyue decorates your window Parliament Cigarettes, and you decorate the dreams of others. The farther you go, the pool is vast, stretches for dozens of miles, and connects the rivers in the city. Water city is beautiful because of water, water is the source of all things, water is a spiritual carrier, the charm of water nourishes the culture of the ancient city of water; it is the primate of water Wholesale Cigarettes, prospering the political economy of this Jiangbei water city, In order to make the people rich, safe and happy, and then rely on the country to rely on the prosperity, prosperity and prosperity of the country. The night falls, the stars in the sky, the lights on the shore, the stars and the lights and shadows reflect the lake light. The evening wind blows, the long willows cross the water Feng Er and Liu Er divided the starlights in the lake into scattered pearls. They swayed and gathered back. People were so fascinated that they didn��t think about returning. Impressions in China��s program sang like this: People say that the lake on the mountain is a tear lying on the surface of the earth~~~", I think Donghu West Lake is the tear that the West is falling in Jiangbei. If you use Su Shi��s head: "To compare the West Lake Son, thick makeup Marco Polo ", to describe this city lake water rhyme, then indeed fitting. I do not know who that year had been rafting Qianlong Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, if reincarnation passing old haunt, will once again paved the way for the passio
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