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Autor Wątek: Time is passing  (Przeczytany 57 razy)


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Time is passing
« dnia: Marzec 06, 2019, 02:03:38 am »

Time is passing by, and in this way, the university is spent in peace. There is a feeling that often lingers in my heart: not that I am studying at university, but that the university is reading me. A group of laughter on the playground, listening to the ktv middle frequency resonance song, I realized an emotion that never appeared: loneliness. In the university, I didn��t join the department and didn��t participate in the collective activities of my friends. Even in the bedroom, I��m so beautiful: to be a quiet beautiful woman... You will find that there is nothing to learn here, but the university Constantly interpreting my heart, let me understand that loneliness is casual. When, I read the article written by Mr Cheap Newport Cigarettes. Liu Tong, "Your loneliness is defeated and glory." The most impressive sentence I have is this: the loneliness that is going through, we call it confusion: the loneliness that we pass, we call it For growth. Yes, I have heard people compare life to the transformation of caterpillars Newport Cigarette. When we are still "caterpillars", there will be many people accompanying us, and time will continue to move forward. We are also growing constantly. In the period of building Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, we found that no one is still behind, and I am accustomed to accompanying them. Unconsciously disappearing suddenly, there will always be some inexplicable loss. When you are alone, you will feel empty. This kind of feeling is just hard to express. Maybe it is lonely! But occasionally, you will suddenly discover that in fact, one's life is also very good! Some people will say that this is tangled. But if you savor it, there is no contradiction! When you have different moods and different environments, the inner feelings will not feel like a person living a life of loneliness, no Accompanied by good friends and relatives Cigarettes Marlboro, this is lonely; some people think that one person listens to a beautiful song but no friends can share it. This is lonely; some people think that one person walks in the street at dusk Cigarettes For Sale Online, aimlessly walking, this is Lonely... The experience and understanding of loneliness is as follows: There will be a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people, no one can determine the next definition! Uniqueness, I hope we are not afraid of loneliness! But who said that Lido solo is not another kind of beauty?