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Tytuł: China Portable Shot Blasting Machine suppliers
Wiadomość wysłana przez: hdjksjk76 w Kwiecień 27, 2018, 03:25:21 am
Basic Info
Principle: Steel Shot
Layout: Vertical
Kind: Dry Sandblaster
Certification: CE, BV, TUV, SGS
Warranty: One Year
Operate Type: Manually Continuous or Intermittent
Exporting Countries: USA, Russia, Australia, UAE, Mexico, Brasil, etc
Recovery Mode: Mechanical Recycling or Pneumatic Recycling
Origin: Qingdao, China
Drive: Electric
Control: PLC
Automation: Automatic
Condition: New
Customized: Customized
After-Sales Service Provided: Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas
Features: High Efficiency, Environmental Protection
Exporting Experience: Since 2005
Material of Dust Collector: Cartridge Fliter or Needle Felt
HS Code: 8424300000
Product Description
1--10 years professional production experience in machinery industry.
2--22,000 m^2 production workshop, strong production capacity.
3--Professional senior engineer develop the best solution.
4--Strict quality control system, CE, ISO9001 certificate available.
5--Main components adopt imported international famous brand.
6--Timely delivery, one hour to Qingdao port.
7--Professional after-sale service, Email will be get back in 24 hours.
8-We are China Leading CNC Turret Punching Machine Manufacturer.
9-Alibaba Assessed 3 years Gold Supplier.
10-Inspected by the Inspection Institution of Bureau Veritas Certification.
11-100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
12-Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.
Mobile type shot blasting machine features:
Road surface shot blasting machine can successively clear away the concrete surface laitance and impurities, and can do polishing processing to the concrete surface, make its surface to achieve uniform roughness. Greatly improve the adhesive strength of the waterproof layer and conrete base, so that better conbine the waterproof layer and deck, also to be fully exposed concrete cracks, achieve nip in the bud.
The clean rules of shot blasting machine:
1. The dust-laden air enters the bag filter.
 2. The dust /powder separates inside the bag filter chamber.
 3. The air is distributed evenly avoiding channelling while the powder is separated.
4. Initially a coat of material forms on the bags. i.e. precoating the bags, Subsequently, the coat acts as th
e filtering medium.
5. The dust is accumulated on filter bags while the air passes through the filter bags from outside to inside.
6. The accumulated powder is dislodged from the bags by pulse cleaning system intermittently.
7. The dislodged powder falls into the hopper and is discharged through discharge valves.
8. The clean air is sucked by induced draft fan and is exhausted to atmosphere.
Blast cleaning compared with other cleanup technology has the following advantages:
1.Improve the fatigue performance of mechanical products and metal components.
2.Eliminate the stress concentration.
3.Extend their useful life.
4.Optimization of the workpiece surface process state.
5.Greatly improve the efficiency of clean-up.
6.Reduce the labor intensity of the clean-up work.
7.The reduction of environmental pollution.
In order to get the most accurte quotation from us, please answer us the following questions in your inquiry:
1.The max. Length of the workpiece.
2. The max. Width of the workpiece.
3. The max. Height of the workpiece. 
4. The productity you need to blast the workpiece ( how many T or piece per day or per month?)
5. The power supply you need( such as 380V, 3P, 50HZ) 
6. Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing.
After-sale service:
1. Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.
2. Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.
3. Customized design is available.
4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided  to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.
5.Special discount and protection of sales are provided to our distributor.
1. Payment term: 40% deposit by T/T, the balance paid before delivery or L/C at sight.
2. Installation and commissioning issue: We will send 1-2 technicians to assist with machine installation and commissioning, customer pays for their tickets, hotel and diet.
3. Delivery time: Within 15-40 days according to different type machine.
4. Warranty time:12 months from date of commissioning completion, but no more than 18 months from date of delivery.
5. Full english documents: including general installation drawings, pit design drawings, manual book, electric wiring diagram, electric manual book and maintenance book, etc.
If you want to learn more information,please send e-mail to!China Portable Shot Blasting Machine suppliers
Tytuł: Odp: China Portable Shot Blasting Machine suppliers
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Tytuł: Odp: China Portable Shot Blasting Machine suppliers
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