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Autor Wątek: Home pest control  (Przeczytany 64 razy)


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Home pest control
« dnia: Czerwiec 30, 2019, 12:16:11 pm »

Water and soap:
Mix liquid soap with water and sprinkle cockroaches with it. This causes the cockroaches to get rid of them quickly, especially when they are sprayed on the belly area when cockroaches are closed, because they close the pores of the cockroaches, killing them.

               The Vaseline Trap:
You can make a trap for cockroaches by using a wide package of Vaseline, and put the peel of some fruits inside such as apples and mango, the smell of those fruits attract cockroaches to it significantly, and put the trap in the kitchen or bathroom all night, cockroaches will enter the bottle of Vaseline to Peel the fruit inside, and you will not be able to get out of it because of Vaseline.

               Hair Generation:
The hair and alcohol generation works to kill the cockroaches immediately, so you can get rid of the cockroaches by spraying the hair generation on the cockroaches directly.

               Laurel leaves:
One of the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches, and the cheapest pesticides way, laurel leaves are cheap and easily available. Leaves have a pungent odor that expels cockroaches, and you can use this method by placing laurel powder near cockroaches. Home.

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