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Autor Wątek: Pandora shines with heart bracelet review  (Przeczytany 1036 razy)


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Pandora shines with heart bracelet review
« dnia: Listopad 03, 2017, 06:06:32 am »

It’s been all about the pandora charms sale uk previews on the blog this week, but this post takes a slight break to appreciate one of the new Pandora Valentine’s 2017 charms with a closer look at the Cerise Hearts Murano! Cerise has been the signature colour of this year’s Valentine’s release, and this Murano offers a lovely way of indulging in it without having to pick out a bead that’s overly sentimental – it’s not surprising that this bead has been popular. I did also manage to get hold of the limited edition Valentine’s gift packaging along with this purchase, which was rather exciting! I was on holiday in Brighton a couple of weeks ago for my anniversary and this purchase will be a lovely souvenir of that weekend awayThe first thing to note about this bead is that it is not a new design; it is exactly the same in style as the 2015 Pink Hearts Murano, with the pretty heart-shaped CZs tucked away into the glass. This version offers a bit more of a vibrant punch of colour compared to the previous murano’s baby pink shade; it would be nice to see some more shades with the heart CZs. A black one would be pretty cool!

I did promise catch-up reviews of older charms, and I’m aware that those pandora uk outlet sale haven’t materialised  yet – I’ve actually done the work for most of them, it’s just that with the blog’s tech issues I didn’t want to post anything unnecessary and put increased strain on it. As I’m only purchasing two Valentine’s 2017 items, we’ll have plenty of time to go through those catch-up reviews before the launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on the 16th March!:)I’m also aware that there’s a huge backlog of messages & emails for me to go through – it’s been really busy and I am sorry that I’ve not been able to reply to so many! I will try and get through some this weekend. As previously mentioned in other posts, like many other Pandora collectors I’ve been taking advantage of various sales and snapping up retired beads over the past year – this two-tone bangle styling showcases some of my favourite finds! The Saturn Flowers two-tone charm came from the Pandora UK eStore, while I found the absolutely stunning mother of pearl two-tone pendant, garnet Birthday Bloom and the two-tone floral clip at Rue La La.

It feels like such a long time since I last did a review! Wait, that’s because it is. I’ll be honest with you – I’ve not been pandora charms uk sale well over the past few weeks (tired all the time…! ), and it’s also coincided with a bit of a Pandora slump. So it’s been hard to find the energy to blog. I am all over retired beads and have been buying up a storm on Rue La La, but I just am not that excited about what’s coming up next. There are pieces I’m looking forward to (um hello Summer 2017 muranos) but it’s just not the same as I used to feel about new Pandora releases. I debated whether or not to actually say this (and my boyfriend thought that I shouldn’t), but I know that a lot of people have been feeling the same, and it seemed better to be honest! And, having said all this, actually sitting down and writing this review has really helped me start feeling the love again. I want to write more about this in some other point, but felt I should explain a little bit why I’ve not been as present on the blog lately.:)

The Sparkling Heart bracelet is the latest special-clasp offering from Pandora, combining the traditional Moments bracelet with the hugely popular Love of my Life clip from 2013. This has always been one of my favourite Pandora clips; the effect is rather chic, and the sparkle isn’t overpowering when you put it with the right pieces. For me, one of the immediate benefits is that it features the regular spherical clasp – previous heart clasp bracelets have been shaped like hearts, and they’re often extremely difficult to clasp and unclasp on your own when the bracelet is stiff and new. This one is much easier to do up, even when brand new, and you still get the pretty effect on the clasp. The only thing to note is that the sparkling design is only one side; on the back of the clasp, there’s the plain Pandora silver logo. I like this very much, however; it would be nice to see a version of the Moments charm bracelet with the pandora uk sale clearance bangle clasp.



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Odp: Pandora shines with heart bracelet review
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