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Autor Wątek: "Coffee" should not drink "in the morning", is it true?  (Przeczytany 647 razy)


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"Coffee" should not drink "in the morning", is it true?
« dnia: Maj 10, 2021, 10:52:28 am »

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"Coffee" is often a beverage that many people choose to drink to provide a refreshing feel. Cure sleepiness in the morning To get with working on a new day But sharing information on the Internet Shouldn't we really drink coffee in the morning?
Although drinking coffee has some health benefits. According to the research results, it was found that Drinking coffee lowers the risk of developing certain types of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson's disease.

But drinking coffee to get the full benefit You must drink properly. Because if you drink incorrectly In addition to not being able to benefit from coffee May also have a negative effect on the body instead

Do not drink coffee in the morning, is it true?

Some people may have heard that Do not drink coffee in the morning. Because the hormone cortisol is produced in the morning. Help us cope with stress If you eat coffee Will inhibit the production of cortisol Makes stress easier

But in fact, Jedsada Denduangboriphan Lecturer of the Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University explains that the hormone cortisol. It is a hormone that is released when our body senses stress. If there is a large quantity It inhibits brain activity Slows down the metabolism in the body Causing muscle breakdown And raises blood pressure Some people call it “Stress hormone” is not a hormone that helps the body cope with stress. Therefore, if you want your body to be able to relax from stress quickly Need to reduce the amount of cortisol hormone.

In caffeinated coffee Caffeine does not inhibit the secretion of cortisol. But to stimulate more secretion, so drinking coffee during the body's release of the hormone cortisol is high. Will add even more stress to the body

When should I drink coffee? To be the most suitable

In the morning after waking up If a person wakes up early in the morning around 6:30 am, the cortisol hormone levels will gradually. Increasingly higher after waking up until the 8.00-9.00, 12.00-13.00 and 17.30-18.30, so if you want to drink coffee properly. Should be avoided during this time. You can choose to drink coffee in the early morning before 8.00 and drink coffee in the morning before noon and in the afternoon around 2 pm-3.00 pm as well, but drinking coffee in the afternoon should be careful and do not recommend drinking coffee after 4.00 N. Because the effects of caffeine last for up to 12 hours, it may remain until the night, causing insomnia.

Why does each person drink coffee and the results are different?

Each person responds differently to caffeine in coffee. Some people drink one cup of coffee until late at night, some have eaten 3 and still don't feel anything. So each person gradually Learned my own body gradually. Try drinking little by little, gradually increasing the volume and concentration. Until you get the formula and the quantity you think your body can accept But if the body has senses too sensitive to caffeine. But want to drink a rejuvenating drink You could also try a drink with slightly less caffeine than coffee, like tea, cocoa, etc.