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Autor Wątek: Arena Madness  (Przeczytany 3390 razy)


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Arena Madness
« dnia: Kwiecień 26, 2018, 04:34:54 pm »


Thank you Blizzard, you're turning me into an insane troll because of Arena. Yeah I know that it's actually my own responsibility. It consists mainly of me spamming emotes to whine and adding others to complain (rarely any profanities and if any, almost always if they have bm:ed, which I don't; except some threaten emotes now and then). But every every time I play arena it's so crazy beyond belief, it seems like 8/10 games I get stomped by a plethora of things: Board states that forces me to make very awkward trades, incredible combinations and synergies, broken cards like Vilespine Slayer, Spikeridged Steed, Vicious Fledgling, Stonehill Defender, glyph, cabalist tome etc etc. These cards aren't necessarily the most unbalanced?

Please help.

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