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Autor Wątek: "Mineral water" drink a lot of danger, is it true "gallstones"?  (Przeczytany 76 razy)


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"Mineral water" is an option for people who love health. But there is another stream that says Drinking mineral water for a long time May be harmful to the body Or can it really be a "gall"?
"Mineral water" drinking a lot is dangerous to health or not?
Dr. Wanthanee Kriengsinyos from the Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University states that mineral water is water that comes from natural sources. By law, the amount of certain substances that are already hazardous is determined. In the part of mineral water Will contain the amount of minerals Most of which may be calcium, magnesium, etc. If the body has too much of these minerals Will have to be ejected by itself Depending on the amount of nutrients Who eat together as well
"Mineral water" drink a lot, risk "gallstones" or not?
Female Dr. Pinnida Sakulratanasak, MD Doctor of Wakkanatology Department of Internal Medicine Siriraj Hospital stated that drinking mineral water This did not increase the risk of developing gallstones any more. Can drink as usual In addition, some minerals can help prevent stones from forming as well.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Wanthanee agreed that In some research, it was found that Certain mineral waters even lower the risk of developing gallstones. By the cause of gallstones Caused by drinking less water Makes the urine more concentrated
Mineral water is not for everyone.
Although the mineral water is not harmful to the body. Or cause gallstones, as many people understand, but the mineral water that contains many kinds of minerals It is not always suitable for the health of "everyone".

Dr. Pinida, MD, said that some people would not recommend taking certain types of minerals, such as nephrotic patients whose kidneys had the ability to completely remove excess minerals from the body. Or have normal work such as removal of potassium and sodium
Is mineral water better than water?
Actually, if you do not want to be a gallstone Drink just enough water to meet the body's needs each day. It is not always necessary to drink mineral water. Because mineral water does not increase the risk of gallstones. But it doesn't increase your defense in getting gallstones either. And in the mineral water can not be the exact amount of each mineral. ซีรีส์เกาหลีน่าดู It is not recommended to drink a lot or for a long time, but can drink in normal amounts It is not harmful to the body.
Is mineral water good for the body?
Actually the minerals In mineral water Can be eaten from the common food that we eat already No, it is not necessary to drink mineral water to get more minerals. Or to be healthier in any way Drinking mineral water each day does not increase the body's mineral content to the body's needs. Does not have a negative effect But it did not clearly produce good results either.