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Have you ever felt that many When we go to exercise Do heavy sports Hope to burn energy And eliminate the excess fat But the fat man who secretly came to rest The waistline is still stubborn. Refusing to go away despite the activities that we do Heavy exercise Should be able to burn a lot of energy Let's take a look at what sports we play. With each type of exercise How do you help burn energy?

How much energy does "exercise" burn?

A round of golf for about an hour burns approximately 250 kilocalories, which is less than walking. สล็อต


If walking continuously for about 1 hour will burn approximately 325 kilocalories, similar to playing badminton.

You readers have noticed yourself. Or is there someone close to you saying that When you sleep, readers have Sleep without closed eyes, which is a

problem that can occur to many people, even those close to us may be experiencing this problem. But what is the cause of the symptoms of sleeping and eyes closed? And is there a way to cope? Hello, the doctor has some interesting information on symptoms. I sleep and my eyes are not completely closed.  super wallet

What is sleep and eyes closed?
When it comes to sleeping symptoms, but my eyes are not completely closed. Many people may understand that it is insomnia. I slept but my eyes still forgot. Which in fact is When I sleep, my eyes are closed normally. But the eyelids cannot be closed completely. In which this condition should not be trusted Because although it does not cause serious harm, but the symptoms of sleeping with the eyes cannot be closed Can cause eye health problems such as dry eyes, the risk of dust entering the eyes. Eye irritation Risk of infection to the eye There may be a scratch on the cornea. Or a wound on the cornea


Book a queue for "Influenza vaccination in patients at risk for the year 2021"

For all citizens (except for social security, age 50 and over)

Patients at the following risk groups who wish to receive free vaccination against influenza 3 strains at Siriraj Hospital

7 groups of patients with chronic disease: COPD, asthma, stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes and cancer (recommended to consult with your doctor before vaccination). สล็อตออนไลน์
Age 65 years and over
Aphasia who cannot help themselves
Thalassemia and people with immune deficiency (Including people infected with HIV)
Obesity (weight over 100 kg or BMI greater than 35 kg / m2)
Book the vaccination queue in advance from 23 January to 31 March 2021 with 2 channels as follows

Immunization Promotion Unit, Room 433, Outpatient Building, 4th floor, official day time 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM (except 12: 00-13: 00) Please bring your ID card. Hospital card Mobile phone And a vaccine book (if any), please contact 02-419-7387
Book through the application. (Only elderly people over 65 years old) contact 02-111-1111.
* Those wishing to get vaccinated at other medical facilities Please contact the registration directly at the hospital *

Ciąża / How to walk to get fit
« dnia: Styczeń 19, 2021, 06:24:01 am  »

Walking is an exercise. And believe that many people may not know how to walk To be effective in terms of exercise And today let's see
There are both right and wrong in our walking. Wrong walking affects our posture and breathing. At the same time, it can lead to poor walking and easy injury. Correcting the wrong walking posture to become a personality is possible. But it takes a lot of time and patience.
Start at standing first Should be released comfortably and breathe normally. While walking should look up Look straight as far as possible. Do not walk with your head down, it can cause neck pain and back pain.
Next is Do not walk on your side. Either sideways in or out This is because the ankles and knees are subjected to increased stress and can eventually cause back pain. Should walk with a full foot on the foot line. Then lifted up with the toes off the ground as the last part Imagine that you are pulling your feet off the hard ground in order to move forward. If your feet are still sideways, consult a doctor. It may be advisable to use a molded underlay to fit your feet.

While walking, both hands should loosen. Not clenching and swinging the entire arm for the transmission But if it is walking up the mountain, take short steps to increase your energy, so that you don't get tired.
Those fast-moving racers Sometimes they walk at speeds of up to 14 km / h, which is much faster than normal people. They shake their hips using the muscles of their abs, buttocks, arms and shoulders to power themselves. This walk requires a lot of practice, and if you try it, you should get some special training.
How fast should I walk?
If you want to benefit from walking Will I have to walk fast? Walking keeps muscles and joints ready for use and performs daily activities. A walk in the countryside Walking through the shopping malls Or walking to work All are exercise to help improve health.
But during the week Should do some aerobic exercise. To give the heart The lungs and the circulatory system work well. Adequate adults should walk at a speed of 5 - 6 km / h continuously for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week to benefit. If you feel too heavy, walk as much as you can first. Taking a little leisurely walk is better than doing nothing. ดาวน์โหลด superslot


Department of Medical Sciences revealed the results of genetic testing for the coronavirus strain in Samut Sakhon It is the GH strain found directly with the Myanmar species. The origin of India, Rakhine epidemic, Tachilek was smuggled to Thailand in Mae Sot, Tak province.
Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences The Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) mentions the results of the COVID laboratory test in Samut Sakhon that laboratory testing, unless known to be positive or negative, want to know what strain it is. Currently, the global epidemic is the G species, but Thailand has a question of how closely related the outbreak is in Samut Sakhon. Some people question whether it comes from Indonesian fisheries. Or from Myanmar for the Samut Sakhon species testing We compare it with the strains that Mae Sot and Mae Sot by examining both Thai and foreign workers Along with the global overview, it will be found that the Samut Sakhon group is a GH species (GH) that matches the species found in Tachilek, Myanmar, which originated from India, entered Rakhine, Myanmar and smuggled. Come to Thailand, both Mae Sot, Tak and Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, where this species does not match with Indonesia
“The part where it says that the British are mutated to cause severe infection. Which Thailand was vigilant However, it has nothing to do with the outbreaks in England, thus confirming that the Samut Sakhon species is of India and Myanmar origin. And enter Thailand, however, there will be genetic transcription periodically So if there are any abnormal strains that can be detected quickly, "said Dr. Supakit, the global mutant has not affected the developing COVID vaccine.
Even if it is COVID-19 Another species But the symptoms that can be observed remain the same: fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, unable to smell, tongue, taste and can still be prevented by wearing a mask every time you go out. Wash your hands before eating. Or touching your own body And keep a distance with common people super wallet


Many people may not believe that Small water droplets like “tears” can play a vital role and can affect your health. Tears help keep the cornea and conjunctiva moist. Helps us to see more clearly Helps eliminate waste products from the cornea. It also helps prevent corneal infections. If the lacrimal gland produces fewer tears than usual It often results in dry eyes, irritation, blurred vision, blurred vision, etc., but this problem can be solved primarily by using artificial tears, but how many types of artificial tears are So how should you choose the correct one? Hello, doctor has the answers for you.
What are artificial tears?
Artificial Tear is a solution for eye drops. To help moisturize the eyes And help reduce eye problems due to dry eyes, such as irritation, redness, blurred vision, which can occur from aging. Use of certain drugs Some health problems Eye surgery Or environmental factors such as dust, smoke, strong winds
Types of artificial tears
Artificial tears with preservatives
Adding preservatives to artificial tears prevents bacteria from growing after artificial tears have been activated. By preservatives or preservatives commonly used in artificial tears are benzalkonium chloride (Benzalkonium Chloride or BKC). Most people can safely use preservative artificial tears. Except people with severe dry eyes Which has to drop artificial tears very often Because if using this type of artificial tears may result in a severe allergic reaction. Or toxicity And can make symptoms worse Or if anyone is allergic to the preservatives that are put in artificial tears Or not sure if you lose or not Should avoid using other types of artificial tears instead สล็อต super
Artificial tears without preservatives
These types of artificial tears contain less chemicals. It comes in a small tube with enough quantity for a day's use. Preservative-free artificial tears are recommended for those who need to use artificial tears for more than 4 days, who have moderate and severe dry eye problems.

Czy nie za wcześnie? / True or not? Vegetarianism, do not exercise
« dnia: Styczeń 19, 2021, 03:50:27 am  »

The Healthy Line sneered softly. Because I heard that the vegetarian diet is prohibited from exercise Because each day This is when the body does not get enough protein for exercise. But in fact Can't exercise at all, even jogging or not? Sanook Health has the answer.  สมัคร AMBBET
Should you really stop exercising during vegetarianism?
Actually, during the vegetarian festival Vegetarian people can exercise normally. Only you men Or some women who are not just jogging But went as far as lifting weights Build muscles, arms, legs, abs, it is very serious. If not enough protein into the body It will result in exercise that builds muscle is not always effective. And if vegetarianism is not correct Not eating all five food groups can lead to more easily exhaustion than before.

Szykowanie wesela / Why should I not "take medicine" with "milk"?
« dnia: Styczeń 18, 2021, 06:01:54 am  »

Many of you have probably heard that one should not take medicine along with other beverages. But may never know the reason why An example of a drink that should not be taken with drugs is "milk". If taking medicine with milk, how will it affect the body? Sanook Health has information from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA to leave each other.
Why should I not "take medicine" with "milk"?
There are many kinds of medicines that we take to relieve and cure diseases. Some medicines can be taken with milk. But some should not be eaten with milk. Because it may do more harm than good
Taking certain medicines along with milk Or other calcium-containing dairy products or yogurt And other minerals Is an element May reduce the therapeutic effect of the drug By calcium affects the absorption of certain drugs into the body. Making the drug less absorbed into the body Until resulting in poor treatment results To eat the food above Recommended to eat after taking the medicine.
1. Medicines that should not be taken with milk include
2. Quinolone (Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin, Ofloxacin)
3. Antibacterial drugs in the group Tetracyclines
Blood tonic, iron, etc.
Therefore, in order to achieve the most effective drug treatment If we are not sure or do not know whether the drug we are using should avoid eating with milk or calcium or not. Should be taken with water is best.  โปรโมชั่น superslot


I have to admit that at present, wrist pain has a much higher incidence. The doctor found a patient suffering from wrist pain at the outpatient department most of the day. It can be from children, adults to the elderly, although this is not a contagious disease. But found very similar to a contagious disease
Causes of the tendonitis
Dr. Kriengsak, MD. Lek Kruasuwan Orthopedic specialists The Special Orthopedic Surgery Center, Level 2, World Medical Hospital (WMC) states that the cause of arthritic tendonitis is from prolonged use of a smartphone or tablet. And it was found that some patients' phones were larger than their hands, causing them to contract and use the tendons in the wrist abnormally, resulting in tendon inflammation.
The ligaments are the main components used to move the wrist and fingers. With this tendon being used very hard each day Doctors give a simple example: Playing a game that requires the thumb to press the screen of the smartphone quickly and continuously. This increases the temperature of the tendon by 10 degrees Celsius, a temperature that makes the tendon more vulnerable to injury. Therefore it is not strange that at present Found patients with locking finger syndrome at an early age. And you can see that arthritic tendonitis does not require heavy lifting or an accident. Repeated use can lead to inflammation.

Top 3 common Of tendon inflammation around the wrist
Thumb ligament This thumb ligament runs through the wrist and is most commonly used. Is 50 to 60 percent of that hand And must admit that the smartphone It is designed primarily for use with the thumb. This results in the symptoms of the thumb tendon inflammation most often. The inflammation can be at the base of the thumb or the wrist area.
Posterior wrist ligament Caused by tilting the wrist back for a long time, often with the right hand. Or the dominant hand That have to tilt to use a smart phone or tablet itself
Wrist ligament Which is the ligament used for flexing the wrist or fingers, this inflammation is usually found on the left hand Or a non-dominant hand This is because you have to hold the phone in a flexing position and bend your fingers for long periods  super wallet

Wspólnota majątkowa / Stop risky behavior, do young men do not laugh.
« dnia: Styczeń 18, 2021, 05:04:49 am  »

The fear in the minds of many men is that the younger brother does not fight, the penis is weak, or the sexual performance diminishes. Some people choose to buy stimulants or herbs to eat. Some people choose stimulating massage. Or have even consulted a doctor at all But in fact The easiest solution to the problem he does is to change the way you eat because food is considered healthful. Both provide energy Repair the worn parts And including sex If you are fed a healthy diet Not eating foods that damage sexual performance Your youngest will surely be back to becoming a hegemony again.
- Reduce the amount of carbohydrates to be less Did you notice that When you eat a lot of carbohydrate foods You will feel drowsy and not refreshed by this carbohydrate diet if it gets into your body a lot. Will turn into sugar And your body has to accelerate the release of insulin to digest those sugars. Causing a feeling of lethargy The body is not refreshed This includes your younger sister who is not refreshed. Does not solidify either
- Reduce sweet food As we said above that The body has to excrete insulin to digest the sugar and it causes drowsiness and drowsiness. Sugar is also a major contributor to the destruction of your sexual performance. Because there is one research report that shows The higher the sugar level in the body, the lower the testosterone level. Which is the male sex hormone It makes your little brother's sex drive and arousal diminishing.
- Drink alcohol in moderation The amount of alcohol that enters the body When in moderation This will make you enjoy sex for longer. But if too much Alcohol destroys the perception of the testicle. Until it may make you sterile at all  สมัคร superslot
- Drink more regular coffee than DeCaf coffee because regular coffee has the right amount of caffeine and is beneficial for the body. Including sex Research from the American Heart Association indicates that By drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, your body is getting 100 milligrams of caffeine, which will give you a better blood flow rate than those who drink decaf coffee. Will result in better sexual performance as well
- Reduce eating junk food Your heart health and your brother's health are deeply related. Because if your heart is healthy Work normally Your brother will be energized and refreshed as well. Therefore, you should avoid foods that are harmful to your heart health: fast food or junk food. Because these foods are full of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats that are bad for your heart. Which is not good for your brother as well


Time to wake up in the morning We may notice a "crust" sticking in the eye and lash area. It is normal that everyone can have them. But if there is a lot of unusual eye litter May be a signal Indicative of various diseases That we are living as well What are the latent diseases associated with eye discharge? Find out with Hello Doctor in this article.
What is the cause of "crusty eyes"?
Crust occurs when secretions that coat the eyes dry. And become a stain on the eyelids, eyelashes and the corner of the eye, there are many forms. It can be dry, wet, sticky, thick, clear, or light yellow. They are all characteristics of the normal eye looseness.
Usually, our bodies produce mucus and oil to coat our eyes. To help lubricate and maintain eye moisture And when we blink It will help eliminate excess mucus and oil that is coated in the eyes. But during that time we sleep We will not blink. This causes excess secretions in the eyes to overflow around the eyes. And dries down to become oily in the eyes  สมัคร AMBBET

Miesiąc miodowy / Sleep less than 6 hours and death risk 2 times faster
« dnia: Styczeń 16, 2021, 05:02:04 am  »

As you know, healthy sleep You should get 8 hours of sleep, but there are often reasons that many people do not. Some couldn't sleep. Some watched the series until they realized it again, it was almost morning. Some of them accelerate the work until they can not sleep. But if you do not want to die prematurely Should adjust their behavior again. By getting at least 6 hours of sleep
The results of a study by the American Heart Association found that Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night Causing the risk of dying from a heart attack Including stroke, up to 2.1 times ever!
By groups at greater risk than others Those who have associated syndromes and are caused by obesity (Metabolic Syndrome) such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and metabolic obesity, which need to get more sleep. If you do not want to risk premature death
The research team studied 1,344 people at risk of heart disease, with an average age of 49, about how long they slept. It was found that insufficient sleep affects brain changes in the hypothilamus, which regulates metabolic processes.
It also affects the sympathetic nervous system that regulates the function of organs within the body. As part of the autonomic nervous system If this part of the nervous system is affected, it can lead to physical disease, including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr. Julio Fernandez-Mendoza Of Penn State Medical University US Recommended that if you want to reduce the risk of heart attack. And cerebrovascular disease or rupture Need to pay more attention to sleep Because getting enough sleep can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This will help patients with Metabolic Syndrome have better symptoms.  ทดลองเล่น superslot


Let's update the best places to travel with Pee Mushroom Mushroom Travel again. This time, let's please people who like light colors a little. When it comes to winter, it must come with a light show, known as the Illumination in a romantic atmosphere. Especially in Japan, where there will be many lighting events. And one of them is the event called Nabana no Sato 2020 - 2021, Japan's largest lighting event. Which will be held annually over a long period of several months ever. And although this year is still in the midst of a COVID-19 epidemic, the event is still held in Japan as usual. After all, let's go see how big and beautiful this event will be. Including this year there will be new highlights What is special…!
Nabana no sato Winter Illumination  สมัคร AMBBET
It is one of Japan's greatest illumination events held in a flower garden called Nabana no sato, part of the Nagashima Resort in Mie Prefecture, close to Nagoya. Each year has a different theme of the event. In the area of the huge flower garden, there are millions of lights that compete to light up the night. Which will be decorated in various shapes Including Mount Fuji, Christmas tree, river and meadow, and also the water lights Allowing tourists to walk and enjoy In the midst of cool winter weather This event, Pee Mushroom confirmed that So big, really magnificent!

Oprawa ślubna / "Uterine fibroids" cause having a difficult child
« dnia: Styczeń 15, 2021, 05:54:41 am  »

Uterine fibroids are a common disease in women. Most will have no symptoms. The exact cause is still unknown. But believe that some of them are genetic And estrogen, a sex hormone in women, can stimulate tumors to grow.
What are uterine fibroids and how many types?
Dr. Setheerapong Jarusinthanakorn, MD. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery World Medical Hospital states that there are 3 types of uterine fibroids:
Uterine fibroids
Uterine muscle tumors
Uterine fibroids
Symptoms of uterine fibroids
Most patients with uterine fibroids do not have symptoms. Patients whose symptoms are usually caused by uterine fibroids. And fibroids in the uterine muscles that are large and crowded into the uterus Symptoms will be menstruation for a long time. Heavy menstrual pain In cases with very large tumors It may be able to feel the lump on the abdomen Or there are symptoms of tumors pressing and squeezing nearby organs such as constipation, difficulty urinating
"Uterine fibroids" cause having a difficult child
In addition, uterine fibroids are also one of the causes of infertility. Tumors cause the uterine cavity to have an abnormal shape. Causing the embryo to not be implanted in the uterine cavity In addition, if a pregnancy does occur, it may lead to miscarriages or subsequent miscarriages.
Uterine fibroids treatment
If there are no symptoms, no treatment is required, just follow up with periodic ultrasound to see the size of the tumor. But in cases where symptoms are present, treatment is necessary. Treatment starts with medication. To reduce menstrual volume or reduce menstrual pain But for those who do not respond to drug treatment, surgery is necessary. Which includes both endoscopic surgery and open abdominal surgery This will depend on the size and location of the uterine fibroids. สล็อต ฝาก-ถอน true wallet


Heart failure (Heart Failure) is a condition that results from an abnormal heart function. This can arise as a result of heart defect or abnormal function. As a result, the heart is unable to pump blood to various parts of the body or to carry blood into the heart normally. Heart failure patients can be divided into two groups: acute heart failure. And chronic heart failure Which if there is a chronic condition then it can result in an acute condition
This is different from cardiac arrest because heart failure is a condition in which the heart pumps less blood. Causing the flow of blood into the heart to not do well enough The heart will work harder to try to pump blood around. Of the body to be normal But after a while The heart muscle that works this hard will gradually weaken and the blood cannot pump any more.
There are two types of heart failure:
1. Right-sided heart failure Normally, the right ventricle is responsible for receiving blood from the body to the lungs. If this condition occurs, it will congest the body fluids. Swelling of the feet, enlarged liver, gas
2. Left-sided heart failure Usually the left ventricle serves to pump blood to the entire body. If this condition occurs, it can lead to congestion in the lungs (flooding the lungs) along with swelling of the feet. Because most heart failure diseases tend to affect both sides of the heart.
Therefore, the main symptoms of heart failure are fatigue, fatigue and the obvious symptom is swelling. Emergency Immediate medical attention and first aid are needed. Because treatment must focus on emergency treatment To help with blood circulation and breathing To save life in time, here are five myths. Related to acute heart failure  super wallet

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