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Nauki Przedmałżeńskie / The hidden dangers of eating food "Microwave heating"
« dnia: Kwiecień 17, 2021, 05:56:37 am  »

Microwaves do not cause food harm in any way. But eating food warmed with a microwave is hidden dangers that you may not know. Sanook Health has information from pharmacist Natthicha Supara, FDA or Food and Drug Administration.
The operation of the microwave to heat food.
The microwaves will cause the water in the food to vibrate. Until it gets hot and boils, thus making food warm or hot There is no structural change in the food at all, thus heating the food in the microwave. It does not cause any additional harm.
Eat wave meals often. Is it dangerous?
Eating frozen food Or reheating food with a microwave It does not cause any direct harm to health. This is because the microwaves can reheat food without leaving any matter. Left in food It is not harmful to consumers, and as for the frozen food, it is packaged so that it can be used to reheat food in the microwave. (But be sure to observe the signs on the packaging that It is a packaging that can be used in the microwave. And should be used to warm food only once), so eating frozen food Or general food by heating it frequently in the microwave Therefore does not cause any harm to the body
The hidden dangers of eating food "Microwave heating"
However, even though the packaging And the heat from the microwave will not have any harmful effect. For the health of consumers But heating food in the microwave to eat it still has hidden dangers that you might not have imagined.
Let's start with frozen food that needs to be kept at the right temperature. If frozen food is stored in a place that is not cold enough Then bring the food to be reheated through the microwave, which may not use enough heat as well There may be a risk of microbial growth. And not being killed by enough heat Causing consumers to have diarrhea, diarrhea
For heating food in the microwave The container should be carefully Or packaging in the microwave for good Should choose to use a tile container that is in perfect condition without any cracks or chips. And plastic containers made for direct microwave Always look for the signs on the packaging before putting it in the microwave. Do ambbet not use plastic containers that are not marked as microwave safe. Glass containers that are not highly resistant to heat, metal, paper, ceramic foil, melamine, foam boxes, plates, tiles glazed in silver or gold.
In addition, eating frozen food. Should pay attention to the information on the label. Check the sugar, fat, sodium content because frozen foods can be high in sodium. If eating frozen food on the same day multiple times It can mean taking in more sodium than is needed. It can have a dangerous effect on the body in terms of increasing the risk of developing diseases such as kidney disease, so it is best to eat the right amount of frozen, warm, microwave food.

Panna Młoda / Is there an abnormality in sex all the time, and how can I cope?
« dnia: Kwiecień 17, 2021, 05:41:12 am  »

We all have normal sexual desires. But what if there is a desire for sex all the time? Whether working, studying, traveling, going to exercise Or doing any activity Kept on wandering about sex all day long Are in the mood for sex all the time Is this normal or not? If you want to know Let's find out together in this article of Hello Doctor.
Why is there a constant sexual arousal?
Sex drive Or factors that cause sexual desire, there are many reasons. And varies from person to person The common causes are as follows.
- hormones
Hormone levels always affect human behavior and health symptoms. If the hormone levels in the body fluctuate Our body will experience changes in mood, feelings, and health symptoms, especially if testosterone (Testosterone) is very high, it will affect the sexual arousal causing more sexual desire than normal.
- emotional and social influences
Sexual feelings It can come from a stimulated emotional influence. Feelings of excitement, embarrassment, fear of surrounding influences can produce more sexual feelings than usual. It may come from being teased talking to receiving sexual information from various media. All of these factors can play a role in arousing sexual arousal. Even if you are in a society where sex is openly exposed. It does not make sexually a taboo. Or is it something that doesn't look good It even contributes to the more easily aroused sexual feelings
- food
Food has a direct effect on our body. The most obvious is that we will feel full after eating a large meal. Certain foods have properties that stimulate sexual desire. Eating foods that are sexually stimulating can produce more sexual desire than usual.
- alcohol and certain drugs
Drinking alcohol affects body regulation. Can cause a feeling of superslot loss of control Unknowingly saying or doing anything when intoxicated More than that Alcohol also plays a role in stimulating sexual desire. Including taking certain drugs that have properties to stimulate sexual arousal, it can cause a surge of sexual feelings as well
- Libido
Libido (Hypersexuality) is a condition in which the body has a very high sex drive. May be caused by existing health symptoms Mental health problems Or side effects from medications used Causing acute or extreme sexual desire


Department of Medical Sciences revealed the results of genetic testing for the superslot coronavirus strain in Samut Sakhon It is the GH strain found directly with the Myanmar species. The origin of India, Rakhine epidemic, Tachilek was smuggled to Thailand in Mae Sot, Tak province.
Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences The Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) mentions the results of the COVID laboratory test in Samut Sakhon that laboratory testing, unless known to be positive or negative, want to know what strain it is. Currently, the global epidemic is the G species, but Thailand has a question of how closely related the outbreak is in Samut Sakhon. Some people question whether it comes from Indonesian fisheries. Or from Myanmar for the Samut Sakhon species testing We compare it with the strains that Mae Sot and Mae Sot by examining both Thai and foreign workers Along with the global overview, it will be found that the Samut Sakhon group is a GH species (GH) that matches the species found in Tachilek, Myanmar, which originated from India, entered Rakhine, Myanmar and smuggled. Come to Thailand, both Mae Sot, Tak and Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, where this species does not match with Indonesia
“The part where it says that the British are mutated to cause severe infection. Which Thailand was vigilant However, it has nothing to do with the outbreaks in England, thus confirming that the Samut Sakhon species is of India and Myanmar origin. And enter Thailand, however, there will be genetic transcription periodically So if there are any abnormal strains that can be detected quickly, "said Dr. Supakit, the global mutant has not affected the developing COVID vaccine.
Even if it is COVID-19 Another species But the symptoms that can be observed remain the same: fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, unable to smell, tongue, taste and can still be prevented by wearing a mask every time you go out. Wash your hands before eating. Or touching your own body And keep a distance with common people


Several years ago, there was a wave of Thai films filmed in Japan, "Hashima, Project Don't Believe, Disrespect" starring Mike-Pirat Nitipaisarnkul. Made by humans with haunting stories like สล็อต Hashima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture. Located in the east of Kyushu Island
But did you know that Man-made islands in Nagasaki Prefecture Not only Hashima but only But there is also one other man-made island that is very important to Japan's trading history, the Dejima Island, which we will discuss today.
Origin of Dejima Island: Japan's gateway to Europe
In the year 1543 a group of Portuguese merchants. Being the first foreigners Who came to trade in Japan In which the area where the first business opened was Tanegashima Island Which is in the southern part of Kyushu Island And later moved to the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Hirado
Six years later, Francis Xavia, a missionary of the Jesuits. Came the way to Kagoshima To spread Christianity until the year 1570 Daimyo Omura Sumitada was converted to Catholicism. And made an agreement with the Portuguese to develop the Nagasaki coast And it was not long before the Yokoseura Port was opened. Later in 1580, Daimyo Omura Sumitada gave de facto mandate to the Jesuits and the Portuguese to monopolize the silk trade with China via Macau.
In 1634, Tokugawa Shogun Iemitsu, the third shogun of the Tokugawa family. Ordered that Dejima Island was built. By filling the sea into a fan-shaped island in Nagasaki Bay. Which has an area of about 15,000 square meters to eliminate the Portuguese merchants. And monitor trade It also prevents the spread of Christianity by Portuguese missionaries in Japan.
In 1641 the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Hirado was transferred to Dejima Island. And it was the only place in Japan that could trade with the West at that time. And for more than 200 years, the Potuguese on Dejima Island have not allowed them to cross into Nagasaki. While the Japanese themselves are not allowed to cross to Dejima Island. Except for the prostitutes from the teahouse in Nagasaki only.
In the days of Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune, this requirement was waived. To enable Japanese samurai to learn foreign cultures on Dejima Island. Dejima Island became known to the general Japanese as a medical center. Science and astronomy
Culture and food gradually It became popular in Japan through the samurai who learned it. It's badminton, billiards, coffee, piano, cabbage, tomato, and even dessert like chocolate.


Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Guide people to eat vegetables An adequate source of vitamin C. No need to rely on vitamin C drinks or jelly. Help increase the body's immune system Can resist colds
Dr. Suwanchai, M.D. Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health revealed that vitamin C is a nutrient that can help the process of white blood cells to eliminate pathogens, anti allergy, reduce respiratory mucosa irritation, reduce sneezing, runny nose and prevent colds. Which at present there are a variety of vitamin C supplements in the market But in fact, sources of vitamin C can be obtained from common fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C
Most fruits and vegetables with vitamin C Can be found in
- vegetables
- Kale
- Sadao
- Phak Wan
- sweet pepper
- Broccoli
- Pue Leng
- Moringa leaves
- fruit
- Makhampom
- strawberry
- Lychee
Therefore, regular consumption will help increase the body's immune system. And can resist colds In one day, if adults, both women and men should get approximately 85 and 100 mg of vitamin C per day. ambbet Pregnant women should get 10 mg extra per day, lactating women should get 60 mg per day.
How much vitamin a To help fight cold?
The consumption of fruits and vegetables in the amount of 400 grams will get about 210 to 280 milligrams of vitamin C, enough to meet the needs of the body each day. Without the need to drink water or products containing vitamin C at all This is because a survey of vitamin C fortified drinks or jelly sold at convenience stores found that The amount of vitamin C per bottle is about 100-120mg only if you rely on vitamin C fortified drinks to strengthen your immune system. Will need to drink up to about 8 bottles per day to get the amount of vitamin C 1,000 mg, which in the amount of vitamin C per bottle. May have decayed some before Therefore, it is best to turn to eating fruits and vegetables, a direct source of natural vitamin C instead of having a better health effect.


The Department of Land Transport pointed to the modification of the headlights and superslot tail lights to have a blue light or another color that is wrong. Guilty of the law There is a fine of a maximum of 2,000 baht and a maximum of 50,000 baht for trucks and public buses.
     The Department of Land Transport has revealed that In the past, road users filed a complaint through the Passenger Protection Center and received a complaint 1584 because they had suffered from the case of a vehicle that had modified headlights or taillights to blue light. Or other colors that are different from the set Including making the brighter than the legal threshold Makes it prickly the eyes of the driver in front or shines into the eyes of the driver. Resulting in a momentary blurred vision
     While modifying the headlights and taillights to blue light or other colors than the law. It also disrupts the eyes of the drivers of the vehicles that follow. Which may cause an accident until injury or death
     Doing so is an offense under the law. In which private cars and taxis are guilty according to the Automobile Act 2522, the use of vehicles with accessories is not correct as required. With a fine of not more than 2,000 baht, and trucks and public buses may be an offense under Land Transport Act 2522, the base is to add anything that may cause physical or mental harm to others. There is a fine not exceeding 50,000 baht.
     In addition, the Department of Land Transport has also requested cooperation at the vehicle inspection center (ROK) in case of detecting illegal lighting equipment of the vehicle being serviced. Must notify the car owner to make corrective actions Along with sending officers to the area randomly to inspect all types of vehicles continuously And take legal action immediately if found that the headlight and tail lights have been modified to be strange

Miesiąc miodowy / 5 diseases that your father's age may be without knowing
« dnia: Kwiecień 16, 2021, 05:41:38 am  »

A golden man like our father's age On the outside, it may look healthy and healthy, but actually there may be a serious underlying disease. If you don't believe today, you can go home and ask your father if How is your health lately? What unusual symptoms or not. Or maybe we don't need to ask We will be able to observe for ourselves that our hero is a great father. Actually, health has deteriorated over time as well.
Sanook Health asks for permission to remind our children that the age of our father. Risk of various diseases Quite unexpectedly
How old is a golden man?
Age 40 and over the sex hormones will continue to decline. Causing abnormal symptoms in the body
5 diseases that your father's age may be without knowing
1. Diabetes
Initial symptoms Dad may be more tired than usual. From being used to wandering around with children for a long time May not start, ask for frequent breaks, can't run, jump, walk up stairs In addition, weight loss, angina, palpitations, followed by pain in the eye bone, and difficulty looking at Which, if not diabetes, may be obese Or high blood fat
2. High blood pressure
Initial symptoms Dad may have frequent headaches, dizziness and blurred vision, which is considered dangerous. Because it can lead to a ruptured capillary in the brain And paralysis and paralysis can be caused by many factors, stress, insufficient rest. Lack of exercise And not eat all 5 food groups, etc.
3. Heart disease, coronary artery disease.
          Initial symptoms such as angina, pain, pain, pain, pain, joint swelling, and superslot decreased sexual performance. Which heart disease may be caused by accumulated stress High cholesterol in the body High pressure
4. An enlarged prostate
Initial symptoms Frequent urination pain Clear urine Sometimes I have pain, but I cannot urinate Or not enough urine Burning pain while urinating
5. Prostate cancer
Initial symptoms Have symptoms similar to an enlarged prostate But more serious More severe symptoms Because the cancer has spread through the lymph Causing various organs to be destroyed
With both the prostate gland And prostate cancer It can be avoided by reducing eating high fat foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. And don't drink alcohol

Ciąża / Left brain and right brain work differently?
« dnia: Kwiecień 16, 2021, 04:16:28 am  »

Many people should have heard the saying. Or the question You're good at using your left brain. Or right brain. Or have heard that The left brain is good at numbers and is primarily interested in reasoning. The right brain is good at creativity and loves to use emotion, but are these words about the left brain and right brain right? How does our brain work?

How does the human brain work?
The brain is a complex organ. Even though it weighs only about 1.3 kilograms, it contains over a hundred billion neurons. And there are hundreds of trillions of connections between neurons Our brain is divided into two hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. Each brain has different functions and functions of the body.
Although both brain hemispheres are similar But the way we process information in both hemispheres is very different. But even so Our two brain hemispheres are not completely separate, the way many people understand, usually the brain is connected by nerve fibers if the brain is severely injured that it affects the connection. Of each part or hemisphere of the brain Your body will continue to function. But the harmonization might not be as good as usual. Or causing the body to function somewhat impaired
Theory of the left brain, right brain.
There is a theory that each brain Whole left brain And the right brain controls thinking in different ways. And each of us is more apt to use one brain hemispheres than the other.For example, the left brain is good at thinking, analyzing, calculating, reasoning, and looking at things based on reality. As opposed to the right brain To be more creative and สล็อต imaginative Good at art Like to show emotions I like to do something based on my intuition. Or do what you feel
If in psychology The theory is based on different left and right brain processes: our brain is divided into two hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. In which both hemispheres have different functions And communicate or connect to each other through a network of neural fibers known as the corpus callosum (Corpus Callosum), which works to keep the brain hemispheres working together without interruption.
In fact Whether your brain is thinking in a logical sense or in a creative sense. Both hemispheres must always send information Can't work just one side, for example, if you have to charge for the food you eat The left hemisphere is responsible for calculating the mathematical equations. The right brain compares the data and makes rough estimates.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jessada Denduangboriphan Faculty of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University Will come to answer questions through the list of the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA to know that Purple Cabbage Juice Can it really be used to test the sex of the baby in the stomach of a pregnant woman? Pregnant women may have heard of how to check their babies using purple cabbage. The methods used are Bring purple cabbage to a boil, separate the pulp and ambbet use purple juice. Then this purple water was mixed with the urine of pregnant women who want to check the sex of  their children. If the color turned out to be pink or red, it might be the son who showed a fiery energy. If it came out blue, purple or green, it might be a daughter. How to check the sex of your child with purple cabbage boiled water Does it really work? Let's listen to the answer. "Purple Cabbage Juice" can really tell the sex of the child in the stomach? Purple cabbage in the water There is a substance called anthocyanin that can measure the acidity or alkalinity when mixed with a pregnant woman's urine. If a change in the pH of the alkalinity. It will change the color. However, a change in acidity or base It depends on your mother From eating food each day Medicines taken at that time Cannot determine the gender of the unborn child Therefore, to check the sex of the unborn child by looking at the purple cabbage water mixed with urine Therefore not true


Changes in hair Whether it is thickness, thinness or shedding Often change with age Which factors to change Besides age, there are other factors such as stress, anxiety, Hello. The doctor will invite everyone to find out. How does stress cause hair loss?
What can be caused by "hair loss"?
Hair loss is a normal condition that can happen to anyone.Usually, on average a day, people will experience 100 hair loss per day, but the number of hair loss will be more or less. It depends on the following factors
After you are 30 years or older, you are likely to experience hair loss in both men and women. But most often the symptoms of hair loss in men.
Age of the hair
On average, human hair is about 4 years and 6 months old. When the hair reaches maturity, it will naturally fall off. And come up again within 6 months
Hair styling
Hair styling Not just about styling But also the use of shampoo, combing and the use of various hair oils Which all of these activities can cause hair loss symptoms
Genetic hair loss
Hair loss caused by heredity If you have a genetic baldness It doesn't mean it will shed more of your hair than others. But your hair growth rate is less and slower than usual. Can cause thinning or bald hair Which hair loss caused by that inheritance Each person will have different hair loss depending on age, gender and hormones.
How can stress cause hair loss?
That stress can cause hair loss. The types of hair loss caused by stress levels can be categorized as follows.
Telogen effluvium is an alopecia caused by stress. When it is very stressful Will make the hair roots go into a resting phase When shampooing or combing your hair, it will make the hair easier to fall
Trichotillomania It is a condition of hair loss caused by responses to negative emotions or tension. It makes you feel like pulling your hair. Because hair pulling is the body's response to uneasiness or a negative feeling, such as superslot stress, boredom, irritability, or feeling lonely.
Alopecia areata is hair loss caused by severe stress. Causing the immune system to attack the hair follicles causing hair loss

You can see that stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. But it is not a permanent symptom. If you can manage stress Or control the stress that occurs Your hair will grow back and grow stronger. But if you notice their own hair loss symptoms Fall in patches Or have more symptoms than usual when combing or washing your hair Should consult with your doctor about any symptoms that

Miesiąc miodowy / Doctors warn that the elderly are at risk "Less muscle mass"
« dnia: Kwiecień 12, 2021, 04:58:10 am  »

Thailand is counting down to an aging society completely. In 2021, we will have 20% of the country's elderly population, so taking care of the elderly's health is imminent. Especially the risk of lean muscle mass They cannot help themselves and may eventually burden their children. Building an understanding of nutrition and taking adequate superslot nutrition is an important step in the path towards a healthy and quality aging society.
What is low muscle mass?
Asst. Prof. Sanit Wichanasawakul, MD, MD, a physician and specialist in clinical nutrition at Thammasat University, stated that sarcopenia is more common in the elderly. With increasing age The breakdown of muscle mass is higher. But not as good as ever
Typically, people over 40 years of age have an 8% reduction in muscle mass every 10 years. 15% every 10 years, which is significantly significant. Because when there is a decrease in muscle mass, it affects both internal and external health, such as having less immunity, illness, limb weakness, unable to help themselves. And may eventually be bed-addicted patients If not taken care of
Improper eating One of the causes of low muscle mass
Older people who eat less, lose their appetite, have a negative impact on quality of life, weight loss, and fatigue. And squeeze hands that decrease. In addition, eating food that is not properly nutrition. Not only can eat less. But it was found that obesity among the elderly in Thailand increased by more than 30% (compared to 2008 versus 2014), but having a large body weight does not necessarily mean that there is a lot of muscle mass Because even though it looks completely fat But may be caused by excess fat mass

Zaręczyny / How much energy does housework burn?
« dnia: Kwiecień 12, 2021, 03:53:13 am  »

Cleaning the house Besides being tired Still bothering all the time Because when finished storing there Here is a mess again. Until all the chores are done, they play with the exhausted breath until there is hardly สล็อต any time left to do anything, but today Hello Doctor has another advantage of cleaning the house. Because besides a cleaner house, doing housework can also help you cut calories, but what kind of chores help you burn calories?
How do housework help burn calories?
No time to go to the gym I couldn't go jogging in the park. Don't worry Because just cleaning the house at home Can help burn energy just like going outside to exercise Because of doing housework Classified as a type of activity Thermogenesis (Thermogenesis) or NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) or in meaning means. It is a non-exercise activity. But can stimulate the body to produce heat Energy and metabolism Which is for those who do not like exercise Using activities like this to help boost your metabolism and give your body more energy is a good option. Which of course House cleaning Is one such activity By cleaning the house May help burn up to 150-200 calories per 30 minute chores.


Acne can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most of them are caused by hormonal changes. Bacterial infection Propionibacterium acne Excessive use of skincare or makeup Inadequate rest and stress
Acne treatment today There are both oral medications and lasers. ambbet In conjunction with adjusting the risky behavior of acne at the same time However, a specialist doctor should make a treatment plan.
Acne Laser And the scars caused by acne today are carbon dioxide laser, Omnilux, innovative light therapy, V beam laser, Pico laser, as well as a new laser that can heal acne holistically, Harmony Acne Pro.
Dr. Wilai Thanasarn-Aksorn, Dermatologist at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, identified acne as a common skin problem in youth. Which will gradually decrease As we get older, but in some cases, even after the age of 40, there are still recurring blemishes to bother you. Finding the cause and the right treatment will help with acne. It's just a small thing
It is known that Acne is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands (sebaceous). Usually, acne is found in areas with a lot of sebaceous glands, such as the face, upper back, chest, neck, shoulders or upper arm. (Black open head acne Or closed pimples, which can be seen as white heads under the skin), inflamed acne, red bumps (papulonodular) pimples, pustules (pustule) and elephant head acne. (nodulocystic) which these acne if not treated properly. A scar may follow. It is important to get proper advice from a healthcare professional in order to avoid any possible side effects.

Oprawa ślubna / Why is there a "hiccup" when "eating very spicy"?
« dnia: Kwiecień 10, 2021, 05:32:05 am  »

Hiccup is an unpleasant symptom that frequently visits us. With the fact that this symptom is annoying Until disappearing, playing makes us tired Causing different people to try and find different ways to cope with it Since drinking water and holding his breath shocked myself And many more ways to do it to get rid of the hiccups Most of the time, hiccups will resolve on their own after a while. But there are also some people who do not stop hiccups The hiccups never go away.
Most often, hiccups happen all the time. And often come unexpectedly But besides the hiccup, it will come without a bag and a flute Many people are still very skeptical. Why I have to hiccup every time after eating spicy food, so Tonkit360 takes everyone to solve the mystery of why. "Some people hiccup every time they eat spicy food."

What causes hiccups?
Hiccup is a common symptom that can affect people of all ages. Happen from time to time In general, hiccups are not dangerous. If it is, there is nothing to worry about. Because the reason that caused the hiccups It is often the result of everyday behaviors that we can avoid. It's mostly the behavior that causes gas in the stomach. The hiccups soon disappeared on their own. But while it was being, it was annoying. And suffering quite a bit if these symptoms last a long time
Hiccups occur with two major organs involved: the stomach and the diaphragm. superslot The mechanism occurs when the stomach becomes irritated and causes a sudden malfunction. Resulting in nearby muscles like the diaphragm That is between the chest cavity and abdomen, contracting rapidly as well. This contraction will result in us breathing rapidly. But the incoming air is trapped by the vocal cords around the throat. That shut down immediately from the contraction of the laryngeal muscles Causing a sound of hiccups to sound
In general, there are two types of hiccups: short hiccups. That happens often, soon it will disappear, usually less than 48 hours, but if longer than that. Will be a continuous hiccup Which the latter type of hiccup is not common And if symptoms enter this stage, they should be treated This is because this may be a sign of health problems.


The appearance of the stool can indicate the disease. And the integrity of the body In addition to the color of the stool There are also stools that come in many forms. One of the forms that many people experience is watery stools. It is oily, brown and frothy mucus. And is it dangerous?
Feces found
Watery stools Not like diarrhea, but drops of yellowish brown color.
Fecal water is oily like fat that can float on the water.
Has a bad smell
Shoot in drops like this, often three times a day or more.
Some people may feel like farting. But coming out of the stool
Foamy stool water
Feces every time you urinate Or going to the toilet
Have stomach pain Like having diarrhea with
No symptoms of fatigue
Rungnapha from the doctor's website stated that diarrhea or superslot diarrhea Having symptoms of liquid defecation 3 times a day or more Or water defecation 1 time per day, most often caused by bacteria mixed with food.
Other causes The second most common are infections such as bacterial infection, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc. In general, the symptoms indicating that there is a probable infection are fever, coughing or bloody mucus.
If there are no symptoms that indicate an infection Recommend to eat food that is cooked clean. Drink enough ORS if your diarrhea is caused by bacteria in your food. Transfusion can be gradually reduced by itself.
In addition, if symptoms improve slightly You can eat curd or yogurt to help improve the condition of the intestines to work better. In addition, eating foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables (less sour), can help normalize bowel movements.

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