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Ciąża / Sand production capacity reduction reasons
« dnia: Lipiec 30, 2020, 11:09:41 am  »

Sand machine at work, sometimes the production capacity will be reduced, why is there such a situation? Shanghai Shan Kai technical staff from the following aspects:

First of all, different stones with the same <a href="" class="postlink">sand making machine</a> broken out of the effect is not the same, because each region of our country stone hardness are not the same, the material hardness, then the crushing process is longer, the sand making machine vulnerable The greater the consumption of pieces, so according to different hardness of stone to do after the inspection custom sand making machine wear-resistant materials and models, can effectively avoid unnecessary waste, and reduce equipment damage but also reduce equipment downtime The frequency of maintenance, disguised increase the capacity of the equipment capacity for production projects to obtain greater benefits.

Followed by the sand machine auxiliary equipment to be in place, after repeated observations of the sand making machine work, the best sand particle size feed between 3 to 5 cm, too large and too small stone will affect the sand production , So in the production process for the production of large stones should be equipped with fine jaw crusher, sand supply to the best particle size.

Ciąża / Impact crusher creates a new era of construction sand
« dnia: Maj 07, 2020, 07:31:51 am  »
Nowadays, the sand and gravel market is affected by market supply and demand as well as policy adjustments, and it shows more and more demand gaps. The improvement of the Construction Waste Crusher just makes up for these shortcomings. impact is currently the most suitable crushing equipment on the market for sand and gravel aggregates. After this type of equipment, the sand and lion are uniform in particle size and the stones are in cubes, which is highly available in construction projects.
SBM counterattack has a model specifically adapted to the production line of stone or gravel. As an important equipment in the integration of the production line, the impact crusher has a high crushing ratio, and has a good absorption and removal effect on the dust generated in the crushing. As a device capable of large-scale crushing, counterattack has its dexterity. The structure is simple, easy to disassemble, the working principle is simple, and the operation is simple, which is convenient for handing over and getting started. Therefore, counterattack with many advantages has created a beautiful new era for construction sand.

Sand making machine for construction refers to the equipment used to produce sand and stone materials in construction engineering. It includes many types, each of which has its own unique advantages and performance, and exerts its own unique advantages. SBM Machinery Factory is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of Construction Waste Crusher. There are many types of equipment produced and complete models and specifications, which are suitable for most users of mining plants.
The construction sand production line can be divided into a limestone sand production line and a river pebble sand production line according to different processing materials, and different types of sand production equipment are respectively configured. For example, in the limestone sand production line, the impact fine crusher is generally used as the main machine, because it produces better quality of the finished material.
In the river pebble sand production line, SBM generally configures the main machine for customers as a vertical shaft impact crusher or a vertical shaft impact sand machine. Among them, the vertical shaft impact crusher has the advantages of low cost, long life of wearing parts and easy maintenance. The vertical shaft impact sand making machine has obvious advantages of stone shaping and is a necessary equipment for producing high-quality sand and stone aggregates, but its cost is relatively high, and it is generally suitable for large mine customers to purchase.

Ciąża / SBM high efficiency sand making machine features
« dnia: Maj 04, 2020, 07:58:09 am  »
Speaking of sand and gravel, we will immediately think of high-rise buildings, highways and railways, brick mines and so on, of course, all because these are inseparable from sand and gravel, it seems, sand and gravel is very widely used, which makes the market emerge a lot of Artificial Sand Making Machine manufacturers, different manufacturers, product quality is also different, SBM production of efficient sand making machine carefully set up, excellent products, the following on the advantages of the equipment is introduced.
(1) High output, good quality and reliable operation.
(2) Small and uniform product size (D90&le;3mm, D flat&le;1mm).
(3) Efficient sand making machine is 60% to 100% more productive than other similar equipment.
(4) Energy savings of 20% to 40% over other similar equipment.
(5) Metal consumption is much lower than other equipment in the same category.
(6) Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance.
In some areas, natural sand has struggled to meet the demands of economic development, both in terms of quality requirements and production supply. The emergence of efficient sand making machines has better solved the problem of supplying construction raw materials in areas where natural sand is scarce and increasingly demanding quality issues. In addition, artificial sand has the advantages of good particle shape, grade compatibility, and basically does not contain soil and powdered stone foam.

Ciąża / SBM heavy machinery manufacturer of slag vertical roller mill
« dnia: Kwiecień 28, 2020, 05:09:09 am  »
Slag is the residue after beneficiation or smelting. A few years ago, most of the slag produced was discarded or buried, and it was not effectively used, which wasted a lot of resources and polluted the natural environment. In recent years, the particle size of environmental protection has been continuously enhanced. With the advancement of technology, people have a better understanding of slag. We found that slag is an active mixed material of cement after grinding, so the slag in the industry has been integrated in the past two years The utilization rate has been improved, as the main production equipment vertical roller mill in slag processing, has been developed. There are many types of mills on the market, which mills are suitable for processing slag? Investors who invest in the slag processing industry will definitely encounter this problem in the initial stage. Due to the high hardness of slag, it is recommended to use SBM-S slag Mill to process it.
SBM-S slag vertical roller mill is our company based on many years of vertical roller mill R & D and production experience, for the special product of granulated blast furnace slag, through the multi-unit cooperation of the professional team dedicated research, the vertical roller mill thermal system calculation, equipment selection calculation , The main parameter calculation, the powder separator calculation and research and development and design of ultra-fine grinding equipment, which integrates grinding, drying, classification in one, has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, strong drying capacity and so on. The process is simplified, the area is small, the investment is saved, the power consumption is greatly reduced, the service life is long, and the ultra-fine grinding innovative process technology with high operation rate is realized.

Ciąża / The maintenance of sand making machine can not be ignored
« dnia: Kwiecień 14, 2020, 04:56:20 am  »

Any equipment needs daily maintenance to extend the service life of the equipment, and the Sand Making Machine also needs careful maintenance to ensure that it can work normally. With the application of processing equipment, people are paying less and less attention to it, and it is slowly worn down until it is no longer usable, resulting in serious waste of resources.
Due to its compact structure and fine production, the sand making machine must be inspected in all aspects before use, the coordination between the components, whether the links are intact, whether the gap is reasonable, and whether the screws between each component are loose We must carefully observe the appearance of the phenomenon and equipment standby conditions. For the management of the sand making machine, we must formulate an effective maintenance plan, according to the maintenance instructions of the machine, and carry out technical exchanges with the machine operator.
Sand machine maintenance requires a long time of accumulation, many users do not pay attention to these pre-production details, resulting in various problems in the production of sand machines, and even caused safety production accidents, details determine everything, need Arouse the attention of all users.

Ciąża / Mobile crushing station is a good helper to absorb construction waste
« dnia: Kwiecień 07, 2020, 05:16:15 am  »

Every year, the huge amount of construction waste generated by China's urban development has become a huge problem that has seriously hindered urban development. If not handled properly, the phenomenon of garbage siege will not be far away. Effective disposal of construction waste is a good helper to move the crushing station, which can be turned into effective construction resources to be reused, which not only solves the pollution of the living environment caused by Construction Waste Crusher, but also improves the living environment of people.
Construction waste is generally composed of abandoned concrete blocks, sand, etc. After research, it was found that construction waste can be turned into building materials after being crushed by a mobile crushing station, and various recycled bricks are made for urban construction. A few days ago, after understanding the visit to the construction waste disposal site, a customer in Zunyi, Guizhou, ordered a small mobile crushing station in our factory, which can digest 500 tons of construction waste per day. According to customers, there is a lot of construction waste in the urban reconstruction of their place. First buy a small crushing station and use it again. If the effect is good and the profit is considerable, order another one.
Construction waste is generally piled up relatively concentrated, the site is limited, and the transportation cost is high and inconvenient. The mobile crushing station integrates crushing and sieving, and can crush various large-scale materials. In addition, the equipment occupies a small area, has strong maneuverability and flexible configuration, and can directly crush the materials directly at the demolition site, saving a lot of money by saving the intermediate transportation costs. The mobile crushing station is flexible in configuration and can be uniquely designed or modified according to different sites, which is very suitable for crushing construction waste sites.
In summary, the mobile crushing station is environmentally friendly and highly efficient, and its flexibility is very suitable for the treatment of construction waste. Not only is it in line with the national concept of recycling and reuse of environmental protection resources, but also can create profits for customers. Loved by the market and users.

Ciąża / Which jaw breaker has a long service life?
« dnia: Marzec 17, 2020, 03:27:55 am  »

In the stone crushing industry, the commonly used stone stone has diamond, silicon carbide, emery, limestone, marble, dolomite, pebbles, river pebbles, their hardness is very different, such as diamond, silicon carbide is a hard stone, the need to use a good performance of the Construction Waste crusher. SBM machine manufacturing company produces the jaw crusher, the compound crusher, the reversible counterstrike sand making machine, to the roll crusher, the spiral sand washing machine, the drum sieve, the crusher and so on the sand making production line equipment in the domestic market ide is very good, but also sold at home and abroad all the year round.
The jaw crusher produced by SBM adopts high quality material production, the crushing strength and strength are large, good performance, can be professional crushing hard stone. In the whole machine, movable jaw is an important part of it, which directly affects the performance of the equipment, in this piece of large machinery is done better, not only for the movable jaw for efficient optimization design, but also to update its materials, the selection of more hardness and more wear-resistant materials, can completely break all kinds of stone with greater hardness.
In addition, there are PE series and PEX series of jaw breaking equipment of SBM machinery, and there are many types of each series. For example, PE series has pe-400 & times. , PE - 1800 & 600 times; 2100, PEX series have pex-150 × , PEX - 300 & 750 times; These two series are divided into small and large size specifications, you can choose at will. Their annual output has 400,000 tons, 600,000 tons, 700,000 tons, 1 million tons, 1.5 million tons several grades, the quotation is relative to the peer market is lower, jaw broken machine, welcome to SBM machinery purchase!

Ciąża / What is the price of 800 mesh talc vertical roller mill?
« dnia: Styczeń 07, 2020, 09:56:38 am  »
The talc vertical roller mill is a kind of roller type milling equipment with a relatively small floor area, which is processed by the efficient talc vertical roller mill production scheme. It integrates crushing, drying, milling, powder selection, and powder processing to achieve a high fineness of 3000 mesh, which can effectively improve the output and service life of the talc vertical roller mill. With the needs of customers and the needs of the powder market, the advantages of vertical roller mills produced by Shanghai SBM have become increasingly prominent, and a number of different types of vertical roller mills have been introduced. It is an improved talc vertical roller mill based on the demand of the powder market.
Shanghai SBM can change the particle size of the talc vertical roller mill through simple adjustment. It has a built-in fineness control device, a screening device can be added to the screening device, and two gates are closed to ensure that neither excessive grinding nor unqualified products are made. Mixed into the finished product. The inside of the fuselage adopts a vortex device, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and can quickly dry materials with high temperature hot air. The drying time of the materials in the equipment is increased, and the thermal efficiency is also improved. The rotating material of the cylinder is completely exchanged with air to cool the material below 200 ° C, while improving the quality and wear resistance of the clinker. This improves the performance of the talc vertical roller mill.
There are many types and types of talc vertical roller mills, and the performance of each type of machine in the production line is different. These different equipment models represent different production costs, so the price of talc vertical roller mills It will not be the same. In addition, changes in market demand and changes in the prices of raw materials make the production cost of talc vertical roller mills change. These factors make the sales price of talc vertical roller mills different in different periods. Therefore, SBM cannot directly tell the powder user the detailed price of the talc vertical roller mill, which needs to be judged one by one according to customer needs. If you need to obtain a quote for the vertical roller mill, you can log in to the SBM official website to check it. Adjust accordingly according to the needs of powder users.
As a Shanghai SBM, the talc vertical roller mill is used in the field of talc milling, which naturally brings a new climate of environmental protection and low-carbon milling. The talc vertical roller mill has high milling efficiency, low unit energy consumption and production power Compared with traditional mills, the amount is significantly reduced. The powder making environment is sealed and dust-free, avoiding secondary pollution of the workshop environment caused by dust spillage, and environmental protection and low carbon. The type of powder produced by the type mill is different, which is suitable for some high-standard powder industries.

In recent years, the rapid development of the national economy and the environmental problems brought about by it have been a prominent contradiction. The central and local governments have been working to find a perfect solution. A prominent problem in the process of economic development is the construction waste generated in the process of urban construction. In recent years, urbanization has been rapidly promoted, and new high-rise buildings have risen. The amount of urban construction, the transformation of old cities, and the reconstruction of urban villages have been increasing. Large-scale demolition has generated a large amount of construction waste and a large amount of construction waste has been discharged. It has brought huge trouble to the urban ecological environment, urban health, and transportation.
The government has attached great importance to the treatment of construction waste. The government has provided financial and spiritual support to Construction Waste crusher companies to encourage construction waste disposal. Shanghai SBM Machinery is the first construction waste production reported and recommended by CCTV in China. Equipment manufacturers provide comprehensive investment guidance for construction waste disposal investors. SBM Machinery provides guidance on construction waste disposal from two aspects: investment policy and investment funds.
First: preferential policies for investment in construction waste treatment
(1) Keep up with government policies and enjoy high government support funds. For the treatment of construction waste, the government strongly supports and provides corresponding government support funds. It is estimated that it can save about 5% of capital investment for construction waste investors;
(2) Reduce investment cost of equipment purchase through financing lease. Construction waste disposal requires a large amount of machinery and equipment, which may cause investors' trouble in investing funds. Construction waste disposal investors can use financial leasing to suspend the problem of capital shortage.
(3) Recycling of resources, realizing low cost and high profitability.
Under the current situation, construction waste does not need to pay for it. Through the Construction Waste crusher system, it can be turned into recycled aggregates, which can solve the problem of investment raw material costs. Recycled fine aggregates produced by mobile crushing stations and other construction waste recycling equipment can be used. It is used to make 15 kinds of new environmentally friendly building materials such as square bricks, grass planting bricks, and roadside bricks. Recycled coarse aggregate can be used for paving roads, etc., and truly realizes low cost and high profitability.
Second: construction waste treatment investment funds
For the investment of construction waste treatment equipment, we can calculate an account: the investment cost of a tire-type mobile crushing station minus 5% of the investment saved with government support, and then through financial leasing, the initial funds need only the entire unit About 15% of equipment, coupled with the profitability of recycled products, the crushing and recycling of construction waste can be described as true low cost and high profit.

Ciąża / The breaking utilization of granite by new sand making machine
« dnia: Styczeń 03, 2020, 07:12:47 am  »

Granitic rocks are one of the main rocks that make up the continental crust. Granitic rocks are widely distributed in China. In the southeast and northeast, the distribution is more concentrated. The exposed area of granite in the southeast region is more than 200,000 km3, equivalent to 20% of the total area of the southeast region.
Due to the characteristics of granite, the application of granite is more and more, the characteristics of the new vsi sand making machine structure granite, the use of high manganese steel lining plate and hammer head, fully broken granite, so that the granitic type of granite uniform, in modern engineering construction more applications.
The main minerals in granite are quartz and feldspar. Without them or without one of them, granite cannot be named. The quartz content in granite is about 20%-50%. Feldspar content is about 60%-70%, mainly potassium feldspar, plagioclase as the second. The dark minerals are mainly biotite, with occasional Muscovite, and common amphibole or (and) pyroxene. Granite is divided into two species according to plagioclase: if plagioclase is more feldspar or sodium feldspar, known as calc-alkaline granite; If it is sodium feldspar and contains alkaline dark minerals (such as sodium amphibolite, sodium ferroamphibolite and aegirine pyroxene, etc.), it is called alkaline granite.
Granite is mainly distributed in the upper layer of continental crust, and can be divided into shallow zone rock mass, middle zone rock mass and deep zone rock mass according to the depth of rock mass formation. Shallow-zone rock mass has obvious cross-shear relationship with surrounding rock, and is sometimes associated with the same volcanic rock, which is called sub-volcanic granite. Some yanshanian granite in the eastern coastal area of China belongs to this category. Most of the mid-belt rock masses have large basement and are generally complex, often emplacement in the center of the compound anticlinal axis or the camber structure. The deep zone rock mass is usually orogenic, and the surrounding rocks are generally amphibolite facies to granulite facies, which are often associated with various types of mixed rocks. The occurrence of granite usually includes granite camber, rock foundation, rock plant, rock cover and rock wall, etc.
Because granite is widely distributed in the fold belt of different times and the shield area of precold period, it has been subjected to strong geological tectonic stress for many times, rock and minerals have undergone strong deformation, and a variety of dislocations have occurred in the crystals. The dislocation density can reach 108-10 times bearing error/cm2 (such as quartz crystal), and energy is stored (> In the lattice, the stored energy can be as high as 5.85j /g, and generally as high as 2.09-5.02j /g. Therefore, granite sometimes shows the alkali activity of slow reaction, but the reaction significantly appears the extension time of expansion and cracking, often continues to 30-50 years, should be vigilant. There are many projects abroad due to the use of granite aggregate expansion damage.
Broken granite new sand-making machine, the structure of the new sand-making machine is simple, the operation, the price is cheaper than the same functional products, is a good choice for granite crushing plant.


There are many manufacturers of calcite ultrafine mill, and there are many uses of calcite. Limestone and calcite are the main raw materials for processing and producing calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate needs to grow in the industrial field, and there are more and more manufacturers of calcite and limestone. Calcite and limestone manufacturers both need milling equipment for processing and production. How to choose the appropriate milling equipment is a problem that manufacturers need to pay attention to.
Nowadays, there are many machinery manufacturers. Both calcite and limestone mills can grind and process these two materials. After processing, the particle size of the finished product is in the range of 325-3000 mesh. After years of practice, calcite has been proven. The two milling equipments, limestone and limestone, have unparalleled advantages in milling and processing, which can create greater economic and social benefits for society and manufacturers.
The calcite mill can be optimized for calcite and limestone materials. It has a very good effect on the processing capacity of limestone and calcite. The calcite mill is suitable for processing various hardness materials. The actual milling size and requirements are appropriately adjusted, and at the same time, the hardness of various materials can be further improved.
Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment. It has always insisted on being creative and pursuing excellent production goals. It strives to provide users and manufacturers with professional and reliable industrial milling equipment. Shanghai SBM has many types of milling equipment, manufacturing equipment. Powder equipment lifting equipment, and conveying equipment, SBM has been tested by the market for a long time. Milling equipment is sold at home and abroad, and has been well received by users. SBM has a strong R & D experience and rich market experience for each Clients provide professional market guidance.

Ciąża / Mobile crushing station is the product of technological progress
« dnia: Grudzień 30, 2019, 04:50:37 am  »

Crushing equipment is one of the main equipment in mining equipment and occupies an important position in the mining machinery industry. After the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, which has also greatly promoted the development of the mining industry. The development of crushing equipment brings opportunities. The rapid development of crushing equipment in China has been very rapid. In addition, the country's increase in infrastructure construction has increased the demand for construction machinery, especially crushing equipment, which has made the crushing equipment industry Ushering in new development opportunities.
With the development of technology, portable crusher plant has made great achievements. We have already known about the technological progress and improvement of crushing equipment. The traditional crushing equipment has greatly improved in technology and technology. It is important It is with the continuous progress of technology that many new types of equipment have appeared in the crusher market. The mobile crusher series is often a common equipment in large-scale engineering construction. However, new, efficient and high-tech crushers can only be used in China. A few manufacturers produce it, so many manufacturers still prefer foreign brands. Foreign crusher technology has developed earlier and has always been at the forefront, but the price is very expensive.
With the continuous maturity of technology, China's crusher enterprises have increased their scientific research capabilities, independently innovated, broken technical barriers, optimized the combination of corporate structures, strengthened the complete set of capabilities and levels of large-scale equipment manufacturing, and improved the high-tech content of "mechanical and electrical integration". With the rapid development of large-scale crushing and screening equipment, the product quality has improved significantly, and the market competition for crusher products can continue to increase, going abroad and going global. The advent of this equipment has greatly expanded the concept of coarse and fine crushing operations. Its design philosophy is to stand on the customer's side and take the elimination of the obstacles to the crushing site, environment, and complex basic configuration to the customer's crushing operation as the first solution. Really provide customers with simple, efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Ciąża / Proportion and performance of precision casting coatings
« dnia: Grudzień 27, 2019, 07:14:28 am  »

Modern stainless steel castings china products are getting higher and higher in dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of castings. Controlling coating quality is one of the effective ways to improve the quality of castings. The shell made of silica sol adhesive has many advantages in the process, and the coating preparation is simple.
The complex shape of hardware castings has the advantage of silica sol casting. The complexity of silica sol casting, from the analysis of control and use of consumable materials, its use of production has complex shapes and high tightening requirements. It is very relevant for processing, finishing from small parts and turbine-type engine blades, and casting precision casting The first step of coating ratio and performance can be obtained from manufacturing. The investment mold and the medium cavity used to form the refractory form can improve the accuracy and surface finish according to the required size. First, the analysis of the investment mold and its size and surface finish, the performance of the investment mold itself and the possible possibilities, and then the simple and heterogeneous process of the shell manufacturing process. The main business product used is silica sol casting. In part, friends are welcome to come and observe.

Ciąża / What causes Raymond mill odor?
« dnia: Grudzień 24, 2019, 07:06:50 am  »
During the use of the raymond mill, if a strange odor occurs, a shutdown inspection is required. This phenomenon indicates that a certain part of the equipment has a condition. If it continues to run, serious things will happen and eventually the equipment will appear. Malfunction and scrapping, then, what causes the odor?
1. The smell of rubber paste. This odor is easy to distinguish. When this odor occurs, it is necessary to check the belt and Raymond mill in time to see if the parts belonging to the rubber product are loose, slippery or overheated. What needs to be reminded here is that if the problem occurs in the engine, it needs to be stopped immediately, and it can be run only after the heat is released.
2. The smell of plastic paste, which generally occurs in the summer, due to the weather, the wires inside the equipment are overheated. Its plastic outer sheath is thin, so the smell is not great, but it is highly dangerous, easily causing circuit damage, engine stall, and spontaneous combustion of the entire vehicle. When the wire is overheated, there will be local smoke and heat. Stop immediately to find out why.
3. Unburned gasoline smell. When the operator can always smell the unburned gasoline smell, it is necessary to check whether the phenomenon of oil leakage has occurred. During the long-term use of raymond mill, the oil pipeline is bound to age badly. Fuel leaked out of it. When you smell a smell of gasoline, you should stop immediately, do not ignite the fire. After inspection, if you find an oil leak, then here at SBM Heavy Industry teach you a trick, you can use chewing gum to directly stop the leak The position of the oil is fixed with tape. This method is only a measure of delaying, so it is effective to find professional personnel for repair as soon as possible.

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