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Tytuł: The doctor warns! Do not unknowingly pull a "mask" under your chin, risk contrac
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Ministry of Health posts infographic Explain that the face should not be pulled under the chin. Because of the risk of causing the body to get other viruses Including COVID-19 Can enter the body
Why is it forbidden to pull a mask under the chin?
Usually in our daily life that we need to wear a mask all the time. To prevent coronavirus or COVID-19 infection, there may be times when you may need to remove a mask from your face, such as eating or drinking food, wiping your face, or wanting to speak clearly. But pulling the mask under the chin may not be the right way.

Pulling the mask down under the chin It is an action that may expose the body to the virus unconsciously. This is because the area under the chin is not a protection point all day long. And is a point that receives various pathogens from the breath and the environment around If the mask is pulled down under the chin The inside part of the mask is contaminated with germs. And when pulling the mask back and wearing it on the face and nose again We will be exposed to germs through the inside of the mask. Various viruses Including the coronavirus or COVID-19 can re-enter the body through the nose and mouth.  super wallet (
How to reduce mask contamination during the day
If it is necessary to remove the mask in and out during the day, it is best to carry a bag and put it in a separate mask. Or drinking various food and beverages The mask should be removed from the face. Then separate the mask in a separate bag that is best.