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If you like Frankie Valley this is the movie to see!
   Med Amine Chhaibi
Super cute, great colors, perfect size
   Nesrine Eglantine
So soft and a perfect fit. Colors are exactLy as shown. Wash and dry with no fading or shrinkage. Would buy again in a second
   Emerson Chua
exceeded expectations.  this brand is always good, these shorts, too.  A little long, as styles today.  waistband has soft elastic and drawcord. fits as expected, even after washing.  good colors. lightweight sturdy knit for summer.
   Melissa Clark
Very good fabric and tailoring for aerodynamics and comfort.  Helpful vivid colors.  Zipper seems like it will last.  I have the SS in red and the LS in blue.  Another attraction is the simplicity - 99.9% one color, plus the black zipper, plus the unintrusive company name in silver.
Wish one of the pocket areas had a zipper.  When active it is necessary to protect keys or phone or money from bouncing out while you twist, bounce or brake fast to evade a darting pooch.
   Adam Reber

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