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Exactly what we were looking for...soft and fits the bed nicely.
   Shawn Krenz
fit well as described. nice lightweight material is what I was looking for. good length
   Cameron Gibson-Tilley
Great shorts for gym days or just bumming around.  Will be somewhat smaller than expected if you wash and dry them with heat.
   Ricky Guimond
New Jersey was supposed to be a double-album (per the book included). Those familiar with New Jersey had 12 songs. The first cd of this collection has 15 songs, 3 more than the original release. The second disc has 13 songs. Some are kind of raw sounding as rough demos. These were the songs that were cut from the double-album idea. What a great double album. I purchased mine for under 5 dollars, brand new. A great deal for a Bon Jovi fan. A book included shows several pictures of the band, lyrics for the both albums, and a short story from Slippery When Wet to the making of New Jersey. This album brings back memories of when I bought this on cassette tape back in 1988!
   Vaibhav Ghodake
Fine part, fixed our machine and has been running about 4 months now.
   Coleen Mae Genova

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