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Lauris Pukite
   Love these shorts. Durable, but roomy. The perfect mix for what I look for in my workout shorts.
Suraj Biswas
   Was fun to watch
Dora Bibb Poland
   Extraordinary!  I am a huge WW I I history buff, fairly well educated in many of the events of the war.  This book, however, furthered my education in ways unexpected and heart-rending.  The extent of the sheer arrogance and self-service of many high-level military officers and politicians is appalling!  They have nothing less than many mens' blood on their hands.  I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the nitty-gritty, untold inhumane aspects of war, with a personal touch!  Don't hesitate to spend your time and money on this book, although it can be discomforting!

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