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Excellent jersey. Nice color and picture. Keeps me dry during biking.
   Beatriz Pina
Very good quality!!!!!!!
   JoAnn C Beasley
Great product, excellent price and quick delivery. Thank you.
   Tri Alihasim
Perfect, I bought it for my black cat and it fits perfect! Go Panthers!
   Myrian Fernandez
I would call this Mint green not Sage green, but they are so soft and fit them!
   Mariana Lantaco
I'm 5'11 and I first worried my belly button would poke out. After wearing it in, and  hiking my bike shorts up where they probably should be, I'm confident this is a great fit. The back pockets fit my giant phablet and definitely prevent it from fallilng out/exploding on Los Angeles' horrible roads.
   Aya El-tantawey

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