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Autor Wątek: Ask Ethan: Is There a Way To Save Our Galaxy From Its ‘Inevitable’ Fate?  (Przeczytany 66 razy)


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Ask Ethan: Is There a Way To Save Our Galaxy From Its ‘Inevitable’ Fate?

Our Universe, as it exists today, puts us in an incredibly privileged position. Had we come into being just a few billion years earlier, we’d be unable to detect the existence of dark energy, and thus we’d never know the true fate of our Universe. Similarly, were we born tens of billions of years in the future — just a few times the present age of the Universe — our local group would be just one giant elliptical galaxy, with no other galaxies visible beyond our own for hundreds of billions of light-years. As far as we can tell, our Universe is dying, and a “heat death” awaits us. There may be no way to stop it, but could we somehow, with an advanced enough technology, delay it? That’s the question of Patreon supporter John Kozura, who wants to know:

“After reading your posting about the natural death of the Universe as we passively watch, I got to thinking: what could an extremely advanced, Type III level civilization could proactively do to make a galaxy/local cluster run "efficiently" for longer to their benefit... are there ways we could act as a sort of large scale Maxwell's demon to manage entropy and efficiently control the energy budget of the galaxy?”

If we do nothing, our fate is sealed. But even within the laws of physics, we might be able to save our galaxy for longer than any other one in the Universe. Here’s how.

If you want to save the Universe, you first have to understand what you’re saving it from. Right now, there are some ~400 billion stars in the Milky Way, plus even more in our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. Both us and our nearest large neighbor are still forming stars, but at a much lower rate than we did in the past. In fact, the total star formation rate of the galaxies around today is about a factor of ~20 smaller than it was at its peak, some 11 billion years ago.

However, both the Milky Way and Andromeda have copious amounts of gas left in them, and we’re on a collision course.

In about ~4 billion years, the two of us will merge together, leading to an incredible star-forming event that should either consume or eject most of the gas in both galaxies.
After about another 2 or 3 billion years, we’ll settle down into a giant elliptical galaxy: Milkdromeda.
Another few billion years after that, the smaller galaxies within our gravitationally bound Local Group will all fall into Milkdromeda.

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Odp: Ask Ethan: Is There a Way To Save Our Galaxy From Its ‘Inevitable’ Fate?
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