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Autor Wątek: How to advertise Facebook effectively in 2021?  (Przeczytany 53 razy)


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How to advertise Facebook effectively in 2021?
« dnia: Luty 23, 2021, 06:13:48 am »

Effective Facebook ads must come from the right Marketing Funnel.
If you divide your customers by Marketing Funnel or marketing funnel It is a process at each stage of marketing that turns from unknown people into our customers. Divided as follows

Cold is the top cone. That customers did not know us before Are new customers
Warm like the middle cone Is the customer who has visited the page Watched our video or YouTube but never bought it
Hot is the bottom cone. People who have visited the website section
Retention is a group of old customers that we can retarget them to come back and buy again.
Content usage varies from group to group. This allows customers in the cold stage to move up to Warm to Hot, which most of the customers are interested in the results of using our products. We also need to provide evidence such as reviews from real users, etc.

In respect of those who are already in the old customers stage Must offer promotions to generate repeat purchases Importantly, Customer Data must be stored in order to be able to easily retarget each step of the funnel.

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Each step of the funnel is different, for example, Cole shoots Ads as a review that solves pain point problems for clients.

To effectively advertise Facebook ads, you must have a built-in Sale Page that can help close the sale.
Look and know immediately what to sell. If the customer comes to the Sale Page, then must be able to know immediately how we will solve the problem for him. Can close the pain point from one page
The letters must be large. The text must be clear, legible and easy to understand on all devices. No matter how small a smartphone is, you have to read it.
Wording is highlighted, most customers do not read every letter on the Sale Page, even though we have to include the details of the text Rather, the highlighted word must be bold, capitalized, underlined, or whatever symbol. But focus on being able to read and understand
Having to run out of questions on the Sale Page, customers must not have further questions. In order to be able to close the sale on the Sale Page without asking in the chat message.
The product price must be attractive. If the product on the Sale Page has a very high price, it will be difficult to close the sale. There must be an inexpensive product first. And then continue to use strategies for upsell
The picture must be corrected to the pain point. The image at the top of the Sale Page that first comes to mind must feel that he can fix the pain point for him. It may emphasize the outcome of the product. Because the main principle is to build trust in the product that comes from the practicality and problem solving for customers.
Upsell can be done in 3 ways: Sale Page, Chat and Phone. It is to offer products that are relevant to the needs of the customers in increasing quantities. In order to increase sales Including adding value to that product

Creating a Facebook value will drive effective Facebook ads.
To create value for our products on the Facebook platform to drive sales, focus on the product, whether it is the results or the sales ability of the Sale that has to create a habit of upsell into the corporate culture. More than a strategy to use Ads because it does not make us different from competitors. But if it is sales and product quality, it will make a real business difference in marketing.

How will 2021 be used as a strategy or adaptation in the world of online marketing?
The strategy will be different for each product, it is important to make a brand to be a mass product, although nowadays it is a niche group, but can be adjusted to a mass, it can meet the needs of large groups of customers. Although it is a product that is not sold to cover all groups of people. But can make people who do not use it can buy it as a souvenir as well It depends on how we bring the product to the market. Because if mass products will create a much higher opportunity in the market

The branding mass can be done in a number of ways, for example, using celebrities or famous people. Or using price strategies Although the price cannot be reduced after entering the market But we can reduce the size of the product To make the price lower Able to reach people of all groups more easily, etc.

Selling products online Should not be placed on a single platform like Facebook. Should be diversified elsewhere as well, such as Google Shopee Lazada TikTok etc.